Dawnsens’ New Materials Passed the Achievement Appraisal of New Packaging Materials for Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices

  • 2024-05-08
Xiamen, April 23, 2024—China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI) organized the achievement appraisal for the “flash evaporation-based ultra-fine polyethylene fiber barrier material for packaging of terminally sterilized medical devices” developed by Dawnsens New Materials (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (“Dawnsens”).

CAMDI invited Wang Chunren, former Director of Materials Office of National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, Wang Huasheng, Deputy Director and nurse practitioner of Disinfection Supply Office of Nursing Department of Chinese PLA General Hospital, Zhang Bo, Director of Protection and Rehabilitation Center of Shandong Institute of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Packaging Inspection, Yan Ning, Expert of Polymer Branch of China Association for Medical Devices Industry, Gao Yanhong, Deputy Director of Surgical Nursing Committee of Chinese Nursing Association, and Han Xingwei, Technical Manager of SHINVA to act as evaluation experts during this appraisal and particularly invited Zhu Meifang, Member of Donghua University, to provide guidance in person.

The experts have conducted in-depth investigations and evaluations on the innovative materials of Dawnsens, and finally decided that the material technologies have reached international advanced level, and some of them have even become international leading technologies.

Innovative technologies gain market acceptance

By virtue of its self-developed flash spinning technology, Dawnsens has further independently optimized its flash evaporation-based ultra-fine polyethylene fiber barrier material to be suitable for the technical formula of medical products, by regulating the fiber fineness by means of the airflow with precisely instantaneously released pressure, so as to strike the perfect balance between the barrier properties, permeability and strength of materials.

Breakthroughs in process realize mass production

Dawnsens has optimized the adaptability of its flash evaporation-based ultra-fine polyethylene fiber barrier material for packaging of terminally sterilized medical devices in the web-lapping, consolidation and after finishing processes and set up an independent production line for medical products. The material production in clean workshop ensures the high performance and high cleanliness of materials when applied in medical packaging.

Industrial upgrades to substitute imported counterparts

According to the appraisal results, this material can not only be an equivalent to substitute its imported counterparts, but also be a potential export to earn foreign exchange, which will help the industrial upgrade and innovative development of Chinese medical device packaging materials.


The successful development of this product will break the monopoly of foreign products in this field and improve China’s capability of independent innovation in medical device packaging materials.

Dawnsens’ innovative achievement not only demonstrates China’s strength in the research and development of new materials, but also makes a solid progress in the localization and internationalization of medical device packaging materials. CAMDI offered warm congratulations on Dawnsens’ achievement, with anticipations for its greater success in international market in the future.

Source: Innomd.org