Central China Contest of 6th China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 Kicks Off

  • 2023-08-08


The Central China Contest of the 6th China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 (“Contest”) officially kicked off on August 7 in Hanyang, Wuhan. As the birthplace of Zhiyin culture, Hanyang has gradually become a hot spot for investment, industry development and entrepreneurship, attracting both local and non-local people to come. The Contest will strongly boost the transformation of innovation achievements and the exchanges of innovative technologies in the medical device sector in Central China, promote investment attraction and transformation through competitions and inject strong impetus into the development of the medical device innovation industry in Wuhan and Hanyang.

The opening ceremony of the Contest was attended by Gong Yongbin, CPC Leading Group member and Deputy Director of the Hubei Provincial Medical Products Administration, Liu Hui, Head of the Medical Devices and Cosmetics Regulation Division of the Hubei Provincial Medical Products Administration, Mei Xianglin, Deputy Director of the Hubei Medical Devices Quality Supervision and Test Institute, Jiang Feng, President of China Strategic Alliance of Medical Device Innovation and Executive Vice President of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (“CAMDI”), Xu Shan, Secretary-General of CAMDI, Wang Lin, Secretary-General of China Strategic Alliance of Medical Device Innovation and Secretary-General of Innovation Services Committee of CAMDI, Xu Wu, Level I Investigator of the Wuhan Administration for Market Regulation, Li Feng, Head of Devices Division of the Wuhan Administration for Market Regulation, Xu Li, Secretary of the CPC Hanyang District Committee, Wuhan City, Guo Xiaozhuan, Mayor of the Hanyang District People’s Government, Wuhan City, Wan Lei, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Hanyang District People’s Congress, Wuhan City, Chen Gehong, Chairman of the CPPCC Hanyang District Committee, Wuhan City, Liu Changyun, Chairman of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Gong Yihua, Vice Chairman of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., other leaders, relevant department and subdistrict heads of Hanyang District, and representatives from industries, technology innovation communities, enterprises, investment institutions and media.


Gong Yongbin stated:

The development of modern healthcare is inseparable from medical devices. Medicine, drugs and devices are inextricably linked and medical devices is a pillar industry related to people’s life and health and a strategic emerging industry related to national security. The medical device industry has enormous development potential as a sunrise industry. The Hubei Provincial Government attaches great importance to the medical device industry and makes promoting the high-quality development of the biomedical industry a major strategic goal in the province and has proposed to build a trillion-level life and health industry base focusing on biomedicine and medical devices.


Hubei Province has formed three highly distinctive industries in the field of medical devices after years of hard work: medical equipment, medical materials, and detection reagents. These three industrial systems have gained certain popularity in China. The Hubei Provincial Medical Products Administration has recently introduced a special approval procedure for innovative medical devices in Hubei Province, to encourage enterprises to conduct R&D innovation, optimize processes and shorten the period required for review and approval. The Hubei Provincial Medical Products Administration will fully support enterprises in Hanyang District in review and approval system processes and help Hanyang grow the biomedical industry bigger and stronger. The Hubei Provincial Medical Products Administration welcomes enterprises to settle and develop themselves here, to jointly boost the transformation of Wuhan’s medical device industry from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”.



Jiang Feng stated:

It is a great honor that the China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition (“Competition”) has come to Hanyang, Wuhan. As the cradle of China’s modern industry, products “made in Hanyang” enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. He looks forward to hearing a new slogan in the future, “Quality Devices Manufactured in Hanyang”, through the collective efforts of practitioners and that more functional government departments can join to create a new gathering place for the new-generation medical device industry in Hanyang. The Competition will provide pre-contest, contest and post-contest services for all contestants as always. The Contest is just the beginning of the service, and more than 20 innovation services, such as ODM (principle prototype, project prototype, registration prototype, etc.), research project approval and investment and financing services, will be subsequently provided. It is hoped that all innovative projects can make full use of the platform’s rich resources to quickly and efficiently transform and implement their innovation achievements.


Guo Xiaozhuan, Mayor of the Hanyang District People’s Government, Wuhan City

Presenting and promoting Hanyang District’s industries


Guo Xiaozhuan stated:

Hanyang District has vigorously developed various business forms such as pharmaceutical distribution, medical devices and health services in recent years. The district firmly occupies a dominant position in the province’s pharmaceutical distribution and has successfully built the “Hanyang for a Healthy Life” brand, with the annual revenue of its health industry exceeding RMB 160 billion in 2022, which is expected to exceed RMB 200 billion by 2025.


“We have introduced special policies such as the ‘Ten Golden Measures’ and the headquarters economy policy and established an RMB-1.5-billion government industry guidance fund, an RMB-500-million ‘Qiyu Innovation Development Fund’ and an RMB-120-million strategic emerging industry guidance fund to focus on developing our advantageous industries. In the meantime, we will help and empower award-winning projects in this Contest through debt-equity combination financing.”


Liu Changyun, Chairman of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

Presenting and promoting Jointown Health City

Liu Changyun stated:

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group (“Jointown”) is a full-chain pharmaceutical supply chain service enterprise based on pharmaceutical distribution, logistics services and healthcare. Since listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2010, Jointown has been leading China’s private pharmaceutical commerce enterprises for consecutive years. Jointown is the largest private pharmaceutical commerce enterprise in China, the fourth place in China’s pharmaceutical commerce enterprises and the first AAAAA-grade logistics enterprise in the industry in China, with 141 modern logistics centers across China. Currently, Jointown’s business development is experiencing comprehensive transformation and upgrading toward a digital, Internet-based platform for health services.

In recent years, Jointown has achieved substantial development with the care and support of the CPC Hanyang District Committee, the Hanyang District Government and Longyang Subdistrict and the strong support of medical device enterprises and various partners. In particular, in 2002, Jointown Health City, the leading project of Longyang Lake Health Valley with an investment of RMB 2.5 billion, was officially put into operation, which began a new chapter of Jointown’s health industry. Jointown Health City has a solid foundation in the medical device industry, a superior geographical location and mature and complete supporting facilities. Friends and medical device enterprises are warmly welcome to Jointown Health City for joint ventures and business development. Let’s cooperate sincerely, achieve win-win outcomes and build the Hanyang medical device ecosystem together.


During the Contest, Hanyang Subdistrict also organized representatives of participating projects to visit Jointown and Jointown Health City.


In the two days, more than 40 innovative projects will compete fiercely here, in which project representatives will present their innovative technologies, and after the wonderful project roadshows, on-site experts will give targeted suggestions for the projects from the perspectives of team building, market prospects and innovativeness as well as pertinent development suggestions and ideas for adjustments so as to solve actual pain points in the industry and areas for improvement in the products. As an authoritative and professional event in the field of medical devices in China, the Competition will further promote the aggregation of the medical device industry and the transformation and implementation of quality project technology achievements.


The final results of the Contest will be released on the evening of August 8. Please stay tuned! For information on more contests, please visit the official website of the Competition: https://www.innomd.org/cmddec/.


Source: Innomd.org