Work to Develop Standards Related to Medical Mass Spectrometric Detection Systems is Launched

  • 2023-03-02

In order to implement the requirements of national policy documents including the Development Plan for the Medical Equipment Sector during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period and the Notice on Implementing the Relevant Policies on Equal Treatment of Domestic and Foreign-funded Enterprises in Government Procurement Activities, the “Capability and Digital Transformation Assessment in the Medical Device Industry” led by the China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team and jointly conducted with related management entities in the medical industry as well as the development work of related standards were officially launched in September 2022.
The “Capability and Digital Transformation Assessment in the Medical Device Industry” and the development work of related standards will be continuously conducted in the whole industry. On the premise of value-based healthcare and in the principle of co-building and sharing of industry standards, this work is based on the modeling cognitive methodology of modern industrial engineering and combined with the new trusted network technology platform to provide credible capability assessment, digital transformation assessment and medical engineering effectiveness assessment for enterprises/products, data-based rationalization and credible technical support and guarantee for formulating related policies and standards and specifications for tendering and procurement, market access rules, traceability management, product registration, etc., and data support and new value judgments for updated and iterated device registration.
A meeting to launch the development of standards for medical mass spectrometric detection systems was held online in February this year, and there are already well-known leading domestic enterprises participating in the development of related standards, with related results to continue to be released dynamically.
The deadline for enterprises to apply for participation is March 15, 2023. Please scan the QR code to join the group for consulting if you have any questions.
Telephone consulting: Xue Wei, 18117546175