NMPA to Comprehensively Issue Electronic Certificates and Licenses to Advance Convenience Services

  • 2022-11-01
For enterprise-related certificates and licenses issued by it, the National Medical Products Administration (“NMPA”) will comprehensively issue the electronic version from November 1, 2022.
The NMPA thoroughly implements the related requirements of the Opinions on Accelerating the Expansion of the Applications of Electronic Licenses and Certificates and Their Mutual Recognition Nationwide (GBF [2022] No. 3) of the General Office of the State Council, adheres to the guiding role of systems and strengthens setting standards first, to vigorously and orderly advance the implementation of electronic certificates and licenses.
Since the pilot issuance of electronic medical device registration certificates in October 2020, the NMPA has successively announced the issuance of all 25 types of enterprise-related electronic certificates and licenses for drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, etc. and emphasized that electronic certificates and licenses and paper ones have the same legal effect and electronic certificates and licenses can be used online and offline in government affairs handling.
The electronic certificates and licenses of the NMPA can be managed throughout their lifecycles and shared and used across sectors and regions in reliance on the National Integrated Government Service Platform. Functions such as service, notification, access and verification of electronic certificates and licenses after issuance have been provided to society via the online service hall of the NMPA and introduced in columns.
The NMPA will next strengthen communication with related market entities, listen carefully to related opinions and suggestions, continue to improve and enhance the practicality of enterprise-related electronic certificates and licenses, launch publicity and training through multiple channels, popularize the use scenarios and methods of electronic certificates and licenses and further improve the social awareness and the public’s sense of gain related to the application of electronic certificates and licenses, to make more enterprises and people enjoy the achievements of the national e-government construction.
Source: National Medical Productions Administration