Inaugural Meeting of Ophthalmic Devices Specialized Committee, CAMDI Held

  • 2022-09-27

The Inaugural Meeting of the Ophthalmic Devices Specialized Committee, CAMDI was held online on September 23, 2022, with a total of more than 50 participants including ophthalmologists and ophthalmic device enterprises’ representatives from all over China. 

The meeting was chaired by Wu Yinglong, Deputy Office Director of the China Association for Medical Devices Industry (“CAMDI”), where Dr. Jiang Feng, Executive Vice President of CAMDI gave a speech. According to Jiang Feng, China is a big country in terms of eye diseases, with a compound annual growth rate of ophthalmic patients maintaining high, therefore, it is the goal of the industry to improve comprehensive ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment levels and let patients access better ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment products and medical services. He said that CAMDI is a good platform to promote industry-university-research-hospital exchanges and expressed the hope that experts and enterprises participating in the activities of the Ophthalmic Devices Specialized Committee (“Committee”) can strengthen exchange and cooperation by taking advantage of the platform to come up with good ideas that are transformed into good products. He said that although the forum originally scheduled to take place concurrently was postponed, he was glad to see that in order to advance the work as soon as possible, the Committee was established online by overcoming difficulties. He hoped that the Committee would do a good job in serving the industry under the leadership of the first leading group and contribute to the development of the industry. 

The participating representatives of the Committee voted online by secret ballot on the candidates for the chair, deputy chair, executive member and secretary general of the Committee. Eventually, Wang Liping, Vice President, Asia Pacific of AMO (Shanghai) Medical Devices Trading Co., Ltd. was elected as the first chairman of the Committee, 10 people including Bi Hongsheng were elected as the deputy chairmen, 13 people including Chen Youxin were elected as executive members, and Liu Wu, Deputy Director of Ophthalmology of Beijing Tongren Hospital, CMU was elected as the secretary general. (The list is attached) 

Then, Wang Liping, the first chairman, gave a speech. He first expressed his gratitude for the trust and support of all the participants and said that facing the opportunities and challenges at present, the Committee would, in conjunction with the characteristics of CAMDI’s work, give play to its advantages, promote innovation in and transformation of new technologies and advance the standardized development of the industry to contribute to the eye health plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. 

At last, Secretary General Liu Wu presented the future work direction of the Committee to participants from four aspects: communication and cooperation with the government, academic exchange and capability building, promotion of ophthalmic device innovation and development, and practice of social responsibility for eye health in China. He expressed his gratitude for the strong support of all the enterprises enthusiastically participating in the work of the Committee and welcomed all the members enthusiastic in the work of the Committee to make more suggestions and make the best of this platform to raise the overall level of the industry to a higher level.