Artificial Intelligence and Medical Robots Category Contest of the 5th China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 Held Successfully in Lin’an to Upgrade Medical AI Technology!

  • 2022-08-29

The two-day fierce Artificial Intelligence and Medical Robots Category Contest of the 5th China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 was held successfully in Lin’an, Zhejiang from August 26 to 27. The Contest gathered the most authoritative experts, the cutting-edge technologies, and the best talents of the industry, with 40 excellent medical device innovation projects from all over China competing on the same stage in Lin’an.

In order to better serve and protect people’s health, Lin’an has seized the development opportunity of the building of the Chengxi Sci-Tech Innovation Corridor Sci-tech Innovation Commencing Place through a coordinated effort of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, and people in the province and has been focusing on AI domains to cultivate cutting-edge technological achievements, improve technology originality, and build a sci-tech innovation exemplar for the industry-university-research-application integration of life and health industry.

Before the Contest, Yang Zewei, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Lin’an District, delivered a speech, where he mentioned that the certainty of medical technology level should be used to address people’s uncertainty about aging and diseases, in which, medical devices will undoubtedly become an important part of medical technology. The life industry, including medical devices, has been developing rapidly and strongly in recent years, which can be called a sunrise industry, happiness industry, and green industry. Lin’an has a good foundation for developing the life and health industry, including advantages in three aspects: ecology - Lin’an has significant ecological advantages thanks to its one lake, two mountains, and two parks; history - Lin’an’s long history is very favorable for the development of traditional medicine; technology - Qingshanhu Sci-tech City and Jinnan New City are important parts of the Chengxi Sci-Tech Innovation Corridor that is currently built through a coordinated provincial and municipal effort and will have unified and coordinated industrial, talent, and sci-tech policies, which means that Lin’an can provide complete supporting services for the Corridor, therefore, there will be great opportunities for Lin’an to attract sunrise industries. Lin’an currently focuses on areas such as medical devices, biomedicine, and medical care and is actively building a life and health industry cluster in reliance on the Tianmu Medical Harbour.

In his speech, Jiang Feng, President of China Strategic Alliance of Medical Device Innovation, first introduced the origin of the China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition (“Competition”). The Competition (as part of “Innovation China” activities) has been held successfully for four consecutive sessions under the guidance of the related departments under the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Competition has collected 283, 607, 665, and 831 medical device innovation projects, respectively in its four sessions; the Competition and its supporting activities have cumulatively attracted the participation of more than 2,000 enterprises and innovation service and investment institutions, the visits of more than 40,000 persons on site, and the presence of many ministerial and commission leaders and academicians and more than 100 authoritative regulation and industry experts to provide guidance on site; a total of 253 first-prize, second-prize and third-prize projects have been selected from the finals of the four sessions of the Competition, which cumulatively obtained financing of more than RMB 5.2 billion according to post-competition half-year tracking statistics, and some of which subsequently obtained project funding from ministries, commissions, provinces, cities, or the army and won the prizes of other competitions. According to him, small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of innovation, and the cooperation between small and large enterprises is the key to the building of a context for innovation and benign development of medical devices. The Competition is mainly divided into the startup group and the growth group contests, and the supporting services of the Competition provide a quality and complete service chain so that innovative projects receive better support.

“Happiness is when flowers blossom in the field.” Then, in his speech, Chen Liqun, member of the Standing Committee of Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Lin’an District, comprehensively described Lin’an’s biomedical industry. According to him, Lin’an District pays high attention to biomedical industry development and has taken six special actions to comprehensively attract talents, resources, and land to the industry. In the first half of 2022, Lin’an achieved a GDP of RMB 32.968 billion and added value of industrial enterprises above the designated size of RMB 14.684 billion. The biomedical industry is known as the “everlasting sunrise industry”, represents a livelihood cause that protects the health of people and contributes to the implementation of the Healthy China strategy, and is also one of the three key industries in Hangzhou during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. Lin’an’s biomedical industry has a solid foundation for development, with RMB 6.24 billion achieved in the first half of 2022. The biomedical industry is one of the “5+3” key industries for cultivation in Lin’an, where Lin’an is committed to the health service industry characterized by the preventive treatment of diseases, the health manufacturing industry based on the treatment of diseases, and the integrated medical care, health preservation, research, and industry development.

During the opening ceremony, an awarding ceremony was held for the Lin’an Biomedical Industry Innovation Alliance.

Intense Competition

“Innovative”, a word to express “imaginative”, became more concrete from the wonderful performance of these projects. A total of 40 projects in the startup and growth groups shortlisted for the Contest were presented here. After the fierce semifinals, two first prizes, five second prizes, eight third prizes, and 15 winning prizes were selected in the startup group, while one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes, and four winning prizes were selected in the growth group.

List of Winners in the Growth Group

List of Winners from Artificial Intelligence and Medical Robots Category Contest of the 5th China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 (Growth Group)


Project Name

Name of unit team

First Prize

Lower limb rehabilitation robot system integrating flexible interaction and intelligent evaluation

Shenzhen Chwishay Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

Second Prize

Digestive endoscopy image-assisted diagnosis software for intestinal polyps

Tianjin Yujin Artificial Intelligence Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Zoezen orthopedic surgery robot

Zoezen Robot Co., Ltd.

Third Prize

Functional electrical stimulation intelligent rehabilitation robot

Beijing Jingyi Hefu Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Artificial intelligence-based medical image reconstruction enhancement system


High-performance medical imaging equipment development and industrialization

Liaoning Campo Imaging Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Winning prize

CT-guided minimally invasive tumor intervention solution

Chengdu Readitec Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent ultra-prolonged non-invasive heart monitoring system

Jiangsu Zhengxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovative needle-free drug delivery system for children

Beijing QS Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

DNA dual intelligent assisted diagnosis system for cervical cancer early screening

Hunan Pinxing Bioengineering Co., Ltd.

List of Winners in the Startup Group

List of Winners from Artificial Intelligence and Medical Robots Category Contest of the 5th China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 (Startup Group)


Project Name

Name of unit team

First Prize

AI-aided system for laparoscopic surgery

Beijing Shuzhi Yuanyu Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

Robot-assisted system for microsurgery

Hangzhou Deshi Medical Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Second Prize

Intelligent tooth preparation robot system

Peking University School of Stomatology

AR visual multifunctional oral implantology navigation system

Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai JiangTong University School of Medicine

Lancet joint replacement surgery robot

Hangzhou Lancet Robotics Company Ltd.

Independent R&D and industrialization of a new laparoscopic surgical robot

Agibot Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Continuous tracheal intubation robot

Peking University Third Hospital, Beihang University

Third Prize

Smart microbiology laboratory total solution

Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University / Yangzhou Yunduo Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Brain-computer interface exoskeleton rehabilitation robot

Anhui HRG Biaozhi Medical Health Industry Co., Ltd.

Full-automatic ultrasound intelligent diagnostic system

Hunan Feiqque Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

New AI-based orthopedic surgery robot

Delligent (Shanghai) Robotics Co., Ltd.

Contraction feedback-based MR device for immersive natural delivery analgesia

Capital Medical University

Knee joint replacement microsurgery robot system and supporting consumables

Jieduo (Changzhou) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Automation solution for life science laboratory

Guangdong Bogong 365 Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Minimally invasive vascular intervention robot system

Shanghai Shenji Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Winning prize

Feiyan Medical - Real-time CT MRI image-guided minimally invasive surgery robot

Feiyan Sihai Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Prostate surgery navigation system

Pangce (Shanghai) Intelligent Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Pulmonary nodule detection and diagnosis surgical robot

Suzhou Otronic Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Multispectral equipment for intelligent detection of skin health and disease based on multimodal data

Department of Dermatology of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University

Micro-robot system for thrombosis treatment

Weici Zhiqing Team of Beijing Institute of Technology

Flexible surgical robot

Future Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Key technology R&D and clinical application of full-automatic intelligent nucleic acid sampling robot

Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group

Prostate puncture surgery navigation and intelligent surgery robot

Shanghai Fudan Digital Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Angelong: Precision interventional surgery navigation system

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, Angelong (Fujian) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Portable surgical navigation system

Beijing AKSO Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Full-automatic nasopharyngeal swab sampling robot

Hangzhou Huxi Yunbaisheng Technology Co., Ltd.

“All in one” - Intelligent integrated nucleic acid sampling system

“All in one” - Fuxing Tianxia

Bre-care Chang’er intelligent jaw support for sleep apnea prevention and service platform system

Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital / Yantai Kaifu Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

ANKLE BRACES - Ankle dislocation orthosis

Guiyang Institute of Information Science and Technology

R&D and industrialization of a natural orifice surgery robot and high-adaptability, low-cost, high-definition electronic endoscopy system

Guangdong Hongkangyi Medical Technology Co., Ltd.