Computer aided detection software for colorectal polyps approved for marketing

  • 2022-09-16



Computer aided detection software for colorectal polyps approved for marketing


Recently, the "computer aided detection software for colorectal polyps" is approved for marketing by NMPA in China, which is an innovative product of Chengdu Wision Medical Device Co., LTD.

This product is provided in CD form and installed and used in stand-alone mode. It has 9 functional modules: acquisition card management, authorization management, drawing detection area, sound prompt, display option, displaying software information, monitoring running time, processing algorithm management and main program. The product is intended to be used in conjunction with designated models of video colonoscopes only in medical facilities to enable physicians to review the identified areas of suspect polyps presented in real time on the output stand-alone video images during colonoscopy in adults. The information is for reference only and physicians should make their own clinical judgment in combination with the patient's conditions.

The working principle of this product is to import video images at the video signal output port of endoscopic image processor, identify the areas of suspect polyps after software processing and algorithm analysis, and present it in a separate display. The product is the first medical device software in China that uses deep learning model to assist in the detection of polyps in endoscopic images. Small sample deep learning technology  and local labeling technology are used to select and develop the algorithm model framework. The overall performance of the algorithm is not completely subject to the increase of training data and can achieve high performance, strong generalization and robustness in small samples.

This product is applied with electronic colonoscopes to help physicians identify the areas of suspect polyp during colonoscopy examination, which is conducive to earlier detection of precancerous lesions of rectal cancer, thereby reducing the incidence and mortality of rectal cancer.

NMPA will protects the public health by strengthening the post-marketing supervision to assure the quality, safety and effectiveness of this product

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