Notice on Holding the 6th China Medical Device Vigilance Conference (First Round)

  • 2022-07-18
To all institutions concerned,
The Regulation on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices clearly states that China should establish a medical device adverse event monitoring system. Medical device vigilance refers to activities of monitoring, identifying, assessing, and controlling medical device adverse events based on medical device adverse event monitoring and reevaluation, to improve the medical device safety risk control ability. In the face of continuous innovation in medical device products, ensuring product safety has become an intrinsic requirement for industry innovation. It’s important to pay high attention to and strengthen medical device vigilance for medical device R&D, production, use, and regulation under the new situation. It’s important to safeguard bottom line and ensure safety, pursue high line and promote development, strengthen lifecycle risk prevention and control of medical devices, protect people’s safety in using medical devices, and promote the high-quality development of medical device vigilance.
In order to further deepen society’s understanding of medical device vigilance, promote academic exchanges in the area of medical device vigilance in China, and advance the high-quality development of medical device vigilance, the China Association for Medical Devices Industry (“CAMDI”) has decided to hold the 6th China Medical Device Vigilance Conference (“Conference”) in September 2022. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.
I. Conference content
Based on the new concepts, new systems, and new requirements for medical device industry development, the Conference will invite leaders of the National Medical Products Administration (“NMPA”) and experts of related entities directly under the NMPA, experts from foreign regulators, and experts from the domestic industry to have in-depth discussions around topics such as medical device vigilance research, medical device vigilance system exploration, and medical device product innovation and risk control.
II. Conference time
September 2022.
III. Conference place and form
Place TBD; online and offline combination
IV. Participants
Relevant responsible persons of medical device registrants, and responsible persons and professional and technical personnel for adverse event monitoring; staff of medical device regulatory and adverse event monitoring bodies at different levels; medical device adverse event monitoring staff of medical institutions and contract research organizations (CROs); personnel responsible for the settings and services of electronic databases for medical device adverse event monitoring; personnel responsible for medical device R&D management and decision-making; people from all walks of life who have a passion for and specialize in medical device adverse event monitoring
V. Sponsors
Sponsors:         China Association for Medical Devices Industry
Supported by:     Center for Drug Reevaluation, NMPA
(National Center for ADR Monitoring, China)
Undertaken by:     Pharmacovigilance Professional Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association
Innovation Services Committee of China Association for Medical Devices Industry
Chinese Journal of Pharmacovigilance
VI. Conference registration
Please sign up for the Conference through the conference website or by scanning the QR code with WeChat. Please keep the registered user name and password properly, for subsequent login to the conference website to obtain related conference data and online participation information.

Registration fee for online/offline participation: RMB 2,200/person
Payment method: Participants should pay by bank remittance after registration and remit (transfer) the fee to the following account:
Payee: China Association for Medical Devices Industry
Bank: China CITIC Bank Beijing Zhichun Road Sub-branch
Account number: 7111710182600053959
Please refer to the attachment for details on registration fee payment and invoice application.
VII. Miscellaneous
(I) After registration and payment, please keep following the conference website and check updates such as the online participation account and website through your personal account.
(II) Other details of the Conference will be given in the notice on the second round, which will be issued between July and August 2022. Please stay tuned.
(III) For more information, please visit the website of the CAMDI:, the website of the Center for Drug Reevaluation, NMPA:, and the WeChat official accounts “China Association for Medical Devices Industry” and “China Pharmacovigilance”.

(IV) Please timely contact us regarding matters not covered.
        Conference affairs contact: Xu, 010-85243714
        Financial affairs contact: Wang, 010-58691586-8019
        It is hereby announced.

China Association for Medical Devices Industry