Representatives of Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China Offer Advice and Suggestions for the Development of Pharmaceutical Industry

  • 2022-01-24
The “Two Sessions” Proposal and Suggestion Primary-level Research Meeting (“Research Meeting”) of 2022 “Voice · Responsibility” Symposium of NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members from Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Fields has recently been held in Yizhuang Development Area, Beijing, which was attended by 30 representatives of 17 enterprises in pharmaceutical production and circulation, medical device production, research and development, etc. from all over China and presided over by Tan Yong, Vice President of China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association.

Jointly hosted by 25 Chinese pharmaceutical industry associations (societies), the “Voice · Responsibility” Symposium of NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members from Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Fields (“Symposium”) has been held for 13 consecutive sessions. The 2022 Symposium is scheduled for March 4, 2022 in Beijing. To make the Symposium more influential, objectively and truthfully show the current situation, problems and practical difficulties of the pharmaceutical industry, and fully reflect the voice of the pharmaceutical industry, the Research Meeting was held by China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association and also attended by China Association for Medical Devices Industry, Beijing Pharmaceutical Profession Association, etc. to listen face to face to the concerns of the participating representatives of enterprises in terms of people’s livelihood, registration, regulation, medical insurance, etc., discuss the topics of concern, research the current development situation of the pharmaceutical industry, and explore practical solutions.

Nearly 20 proposals and suggestions in the medical device field have been collected this year, which are related to medical insurance, registration, property rights protection, etc. important to industrial development and will be organized into a collection of suggestion (proposal) materials of the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields for 2022 “Two Sessions” together with all materials collected in the pharmaceutical field, for discussion and reference by the deputies and members and submission to related authorities as advice and suggestions for future arrangements by the government.