The First White Paper on Innovation of China’s Cardiovascular Device Industry is Officially Released

  • 2021-11-19
Led by CCI, jointly compiled by 65 experts for 10 months, discussed online and offline more than 20 times, involving 53 entities including medical institutions, engineering universities, device enterprises, and investment institutions…

The first white paper on the innovation of China’s cardiovascular device industry - White Paper on Innovation of Chinese Cardiovascular Device Industry (2021) (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) was officially released on November 18 at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the National Clinical Research Center for Interventional Medicine!

The launch event was hosted by Qian Juying, Vice President of Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, where Fan Jia, President of Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Wang Xin, Party Committee Secretary of Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Ge Junbo, CCI Chairman and Academician from Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, and Professor Liu Jianmin from Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University jointly unveiled the White Paper, as witnessed by many industry practitioners on site.

Figure | Vice President Qian Juying Hosting the Event

Figure | Experts Unveiling the White Paper

Long-awaited and longed-for

Guided by the national innovation-driven strategy and high-quality development, a series of medical innovation support policies have been introduced at the state and local levels, bringing the best era for medical innovation development in China.

The cardiovascular medical device area, one of the key areas of medical innovation in China, has achieved some results after more than 40 years of development and has entered a rapid development period of independent innovation, however, the innovation in China’s cardiovascular medical device area is still far behind the international advanced level and needs to solve many technology-related problems that hinder its development.

Systematic industry research is essential for achieving effective innovation. According to Academician Ge Junbo at the launch event, there are extensive studies on the innovation of cardiovascular medical devices from the perspectives of industry and capital, however, there’s still no report in China that analyzes the development of the cardiovascular medical device industry from the perspectives of clinical practice and clinical demand.

Under the new situation of innovation in the cardiovascular area, China’s cardiovascular industry urgently needs an in-depth report that covers clinical practice, industry, technology, and capital.

According to Academician Ge, in this first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, summarizing and sorting out the innovation history and paths of cardiovascular medical devices from the clinical perspective and exploring the innovation development directions of cardiovascular medical devices are important for both the cardiovascular area itself and the overall innovation development of China’s medical device area.

Figure | Academician Ge Making a Speech

The White Paper was developed in response to the call of the era and industry!

Integrated and first in industry

Different from the existing industry research reports, the White Paper provides analysis from an innovative and integrated perspective and breaks disciplinary boundaries. It is innovative and integrated no matter in the structure and layout or the compiler composition.

Supported by the National Clinical Research Center for Interventional Medicine and the China Association for Medical Devices Industry, CCI organized 65 experts, involved 53 entities including medical institutions, universities, enterprises, and investment institutions, and gathered all innovation subjects and elements, to ensure the comprehensiveness, integration, professionalism and innovativeness of the White Paper.

In terms of the compiling idea, the White Paper uniquely takes clinical practice, the source of innovation, as the entry point to study and analyze the innovation of the cardiovascular medical device industry from the perspectives of medicine and doctors, which is the first in the industry.

Figure | Launch Event Site

Specifically, with the cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment process as the main line, the White Paper is divided into three chapters, cardiovascular disease diagnosis, cardiovascular disease treatment, cardiovascular disease recovery and follow-up, to systematically sort out cardiovascular medical devices widely used in clinical practice, deeply study every class of the devices, go deep into the technologies and device structures from the clinical application perspective in combination with international and domestic status, and comprehensively analyze the market and the industry development status.

At the end of the description of every class of device, the White Paper provides comments on innovation by senior industry experts, assesses the potential of innovative technologies according to practical experience, and predicts the hot innovation direction and target potential market of the cardiovascular medical device in the future, to provide a reference for the industry to locate the innovation breakthrough point.

Pointing out direction for innovation

Clinical demand is the starting point and goal of innovation, and medical institutions and personnel are the source of innovation.

The White Paper highlights the role of doctors in the innovation of cardiovascular medical devices and emphasizes the importance of doctors’ participation in original innovation. According to Academician Ge, the White Paper aims to encourage more medical personnel to participate in innovation transformation, stimulate the enthusiasm thereof for participating in innovation transformation, and drive more clinical demand-based original innovation.

He said that the White Paper Editorial Committee will summarize its work this year and, on this basis, learn from the experience of experts, and continue to conduct research, expand participating entities and experts, update the White Paper content, and successively introduce the cardiovascular innovation index, etc.

“I hope the White Paper can become a tool for the innovation development of the cardiovascular industry and a reference for policy consultation and contribute to guiding cardiovascular device innovation and even medical device innovation in China.”

According to Shen Li, Secretary General of CCI Innovation Academy and Professor at Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, the greatest value of the White Papers lies in its analysis of the development trends of the cardiovascular medical device industry from the perspectives of doctors and doctors’ clinical practice so that it can point out more future development directions for clinicians and the cardiovascular medical device industry.

Source: CCI (Center for Cardiovascular Innovations)