CAMDI Organizes a Seminar on Medical Device Bonded Maintenance Policy for Its Member Units

  • 2021-09-17

China Association for Medical Devices Industry (“CAMDI”) once again joined hands with KPMG to hold a seminar on medical device bonded maintenance policy at KPMG Conference Room, 25th Floor, Tower II, Plaza 66, No. 1266, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, on the morning of September 16, 2021, where more than 30 people including representatives from more than 10 large enterprises such as Abbott, Boston Scientific, MicroPort, and United Imaging and government representatives from Shandong Zibo Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Linyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Jiashan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, etc. attended.

The seminar centered on the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Forms of Business and New Models of Foreign Trade (GBF [2021] No. 24) (“Opinions”) recently issued by the General Office of the State Council and mainly discussed contents therein that “new forms of business and new models of foreign trade enterprises will receive more financial and tax policy support; the development level of bonded maintenance business will be enhanced, where enterprises in the comprehensive bonded zones will be further supported to conduct maintenance business, the catalogue of products available for maintenance will be dynamically adjusted, and the inclusion of medical devices, etc. into the said catalogue will be studied; explorations and studies will be conducted to support enterprises with favorable conditions outside comprehensive bonded zones to carry out bonded maintenance of self-produced export products with high technology content, high value-added and in line with environmental protection requirements, which will be steadily advanced in a pilot manner and strengthened the assessment of, and the administrative measures and lists of products available for maintenance will be studied and developed.”

At the seminar, KPMG trade and customs experts talked about the background and outlook for the bonded maintenance policy, analyzed and sorted out the policy document and other existing policies and regulations related to bonded maintenance, and extensively discussed the future demands for medical device bonded maintenance policy, especially the urgent problems that have been encountered in the conduct of such business. The attendees agreed that the release of the document is of great significance to the conduct of the bonded maintenance business of medical devices and looked forward to the introduction of the relevant implementation rules as soon as possible.

CAMDI will continue to follow up on the formulation and discussions of the policy and timely give feedback on the suggestions and opinions, so as to promote the implementation of the policy as soon as possible.