CAMDI Holds an Urgent Meeting to Discuss the Provisions on Wireless Charging Devices

  • 2021-09-10
To regulate the orderly use of radio-frequency spectrum resources by wireless charging (power transmission) devices, avoid harmful interference to various radio services conducted according to law, and maintain the order of airwaves, the Bureau of Radio Regulation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“Bureau of Radio Regulation”) organized the drafting of the Interim Provisions on Radio Regulation of Wireless Charging (Power Transmission) Devices (Exposure Draft) (“Interim Provisions”). On the morning of September 10 (Friday), 2021, China Association for Medical Devices Industry (“CAMDI”), to ensure that the opinions of the medical device industry on the Interim Provisions are extensively solicited, organized an online symposium together with the Bureau of Radio Regulation to discuss the requirements for the relevant wireless charging devices of medical devices, where more than 30 representatives from more than 10 enterprises participated.
The content of the meeting was very important as the Interim Provisions will soon be implemented on January 1, 2022, following which, all mobile and portable wireless charging devices shall work in the 100-148.5kHz, 6765-6795kHz, or 13553-13567kHz frequency band, the rated transmission power shall not exceed 50W, and radiation parameters shall meet the Technical Requirements for Wireless Charging (Power Transmission) Devices. The Interim Provisions also correspondingly regulate the content that should be indicated in the user manuals of wireless charging devices (including electronic manuals) and will be incorporated into the national standard that must be complied with for the registration of wireless charging products for medical devices. At the meeting, companies including Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Philips, Suzhou SceneRay, and Xiamen NewSound found that their existing products, such as deep brain, sacral nerve and spinal nerve implant stimulators, may involve frequency bands beyond the proposed ones in the Interim Provisions, and the products will not comply with the standard once the Interim Provisions are implemented.
Next, CAMDI will conduct extensive research to avoid the circumstance that the enterprise products do not meet the corresponding provisions after the Interim Provisions are implemented. Related enterprises are advised to timely contact CAMDI (contact person: Hu Huihui, 18010282003, E-mail: so that CAMDI will timely send their needs to the related department and provide advice and assistance.