Release of Three-year Action Plan for High-quality Development of High-end Medical Devices and Biomedicine Industry Chain by Suzhou National Hi-Tech District (SND)

  • 2021-05-10
Xinhuanet, Nanjing, May 8th (Reporter Liu Weiwei) The high-end medical device industry development conference themed “Medical Devices in SND” of SND was held on May 8th. The Three-year Action Plan (2021-2023) for High-quality Development of High-end Medical Devices and Biomedicine Industry Chain in SND (hereinafter referred to “the Action Plan”) was released. The construction of “Medpark” was initiated.

The Action Plan determined five major directions, high-end medical devices, innovative drugs, cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment technology, public health emergency management system support industry, and industry chain supporting service system industry. SND will strive to add more than 200 high-end medical device and bio-pharmaceutical enterprises every year, and achieve a revenue scale of CNY 80 billion in 2023.

The Action Plan will complete “the three major projects” of industrial agglomeration, innovation-driven improvement, and industrial ecological optimization by fulfilling the “ten tasks”, such as implementing fast attraction of leading projects and enterprises, cultivating "chain leader" enterprises of the industrial chain, accelerating the construction investment of key industrialization projects, accelerating the transformation of innovation achievements, improving the collaborative innovation level of the industrial chain, and continuously strengthening the financial capital support.

On the scene, SND signed contracts with 5 strategic cooperation organizations like China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI), Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering and China Association of Medical Equipment, with 10 industrialization projects of Boston Scientific Corporation, Yuwell and other enterprises, with 10 scientific and technological innovation projects of Kangqi Intelligence, Haoben Biology and other enterprises, and with 10 projects of investors like Yunfeng Fund and Sequoia Capital.

On the same day, the nameplates of 4 industrial supporting centers, Medical Device Industry Development Center, Science and Technology Enterprise First Loan Service Center, Medical Device Compliance Research Center, and Precision Cancer Molecular Diagnosis Center, and 6 laboratories, such as the Joint Innovation Laboratory for Advanced in Vitro Diagnostic Technology of Suzhou Institute of Medical Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Joint Innovation Laboratory for Organs-on-chips of Suzhou Institute of Medical Devices, Southeast University, were unveiled.

The construction of the “Medpark” Project was started. Located in blocks on Kunlunshan Road South and Fuchuanjiang Road East in SND, this Project covers an area of about 156 mu. Three bases, Gazelle Plan Enterprise Base, Unicorn Cultivation Base, and Listed Company Base, as well as four clusters, Cardiovascular Device Cluster, Biomedical Material Cluster, High-end Medical Imaging Cluster, and Molecular Diagnosis Cluster, are planned.

In recent years, SND has seized the opportunity for the development of medical devices. During “the 13th Five Year Plan” period, the average annual growth rate of the output value of the relevant industry exceeded 30%; more than 370 leading talents in medical device field and more than 400 medical device and biological pharmaceutical enterprises have got together. The output value in 2020 reached CNY 20 billion. (End)

Source: Xinhuanet