Invitation of Global Biomedical and Medical Device Innovation and Technology Exhibition & the 5th Global Trade Fair of Purchasing Epidemic Prevention Materials

  • 2021-02-07

At present, the epidemic in China is gradually under control. The pandemic in foreign countries is still severe. Many countries still need to import a large number of medical equipment and epidemic prevention supplies, and they have high requirements for product quality. For the manufacturers of high-quality epidemic prevention materials, they can not only consolidate the existing market share, but also develop blank market areas and establish good partnerships with high-quality buyers.
In order to help the national high-quality pharmaceutical and medical equipment and epidemic prevention materials production-oriented enterprises expand domestic and foreign sales channels, enhance the export volume, and assist domestic and foreign buyers to contact high-quality international products, the Global Biomedical and Medical Device Innovation and Technology Exhibition & the 5th Global Trade Fair of Purchasing Epidemic Prevention Materials will be held in Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall on March 31-April 2, 2021. As the co-organizer of the fair, China Association for Medical Devices Industry specially invites those interested in carrying out publicity and promotion activities to participate.

Concurrent forums:
• Summit Forum on the Development of Bio-pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry in the Post-pandemic Era;
• R&D Forum of Innovative Medicines in China;
• Recommendation of Bio-pharmaceutical Technological Innovation Achievement Project in China;
• Advanced Technology Forum of Traditional Chinese Medicine Engineering;
• New Idea Forum of Vaccine Innovation and Development in China.

Product show: (for specific exhibits, please refer to Chinese website)
Bio-pharmaceutical exhibition area
Medical device exhibition area
Diagnostic equipment
Auxiliary equipment
Rehabilitation equipment and devices
Consumable products

1. Purchasers from nearly 60 countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Britain, France, India, the United States, and relevant medical agents in China.
2. Relevant experts and scholars, and engineering technicians from pharmaceutical companies, biopharmaceuticals, bioengineering, clinical trials, genetic engineering, antibody engineering, cell culture, biological instruments, biotechnology companies, vaccines, antibiotics, pharmaceutical companies, drug production/R&D, laboratories, scientific research institutes, research institutions and others, and domestic & foreign trade institutions.
3. Professional audience from hospitals/clinics/community health service stations/emergency centers/medical care rehabilitation centers/physical examination centers/beauty salons/health centers/traditional Chinese medicine centers/pharmacies, experimental/testing/inspection institutions, scientific research institutions/medical universities, upstream enterprises, product design and R&D, producers/manufacturers/OEM manufacturers, importers and exporters, investment companies, distribution agents in the fields of medical and health, and other circulation systems.

Media publicity:
360 online media in China, such as, xinhuanet,, Guangdong Radio and Television Station, PhoenixTVHK, Shenzhen TV Station, MASTV, South Media, Guangzhou Metro, Tencent, Baidu, Jinri Toutiao, Douyin,,, medical device network, and, have promoted and reported the fair extensively.

Participation fee:
Standard booth (3M×3M)
One side open: RMB 12,800/Nr./exhibition period   Two sides open: RMB 15,000/Nr./exhibition period
Booth configuration: 2.5m high, carpet, one exhibition lintel, one information desk, one negotiating table with two chairs, two fluorescent tubes, one trash baskets and one socket;
Open space (special booth)
Domestic enterprise: RMB 1,200㎡    Foreign enterprise: RMB 3,000/㎡
Renting at least 36m2, no configuration in indoor open space, it is necessary to pay the management fee and apply for booth electricity;
Technical seminar/product introduction meeting
Meeting room holding 80-100 persons: RMB 20,000/hour
Telephone consultations of the forum and other promotion activities.