Start data acquisition and survey related to high-priced medical consumables

  • 2021-03-10

On the morning of March 5, 2021, China Association for Medical Devices Industry organized the "kick-off meeting of data acquisition and survey project related to high-priced medical consumables" in Beijing. At the meeting, Deputy Secretary General Hu Huihui introduced the original intention, purpose and significance of the survey, and the Director Su Wenna of the Strategic Innovation Alliance of Medical Device Technology introduced the draft survey plan and questionnaire.

This survey only focused on two high-priced medical consumables: coronary stents and joints, surveyed the full production cycle of the products, inspected the doctor training, distribution and follow-up, after-sales maintenance and warehouse management after clinical application, and collected the problems encountered by relevant enterprises after volume-based procurement. Based on the systematic analysis of the specific data of R&D, registration, marketing, sales and after-sales of high-priced medical consumables, the survey focused on the marketing and clinical application of products, providing a reference for the National Healthcare Security Administration to formulate the "National Medical Security Plan in the '14th Five-Year Plan'" and to procure other categories of high-priced medical consumables based volume, supporting the innovation of products to enhance the core competitiveness, promote the formation of a governance pattern of high-priced medical consumables with reliable quality, fast circulation, reasonable price and standardized use, so as to facilitate the healthy and orderly development of the industry and further reduce the burden of the people's medical expenses.

More than 50 representatives from 27 manufacturers in the industry attended the meeting, and the survey work was strongly supported by the participants. The whole survey will be completed in March, and a report with detailed data, comprehensive content and clear arguments will be formed by the end of this month.