Notice on Holding the 4th China Medical Device Design & Startup Competition

  • 2021-01-25
Distinguished innovation teams, relevant companies, research institutes, innovation service and investment institutions, hospitals and clinical experts:

In order to fuel the continuous innovation and development of China's medical device industry, deepen cooperation in production, education, research and funding supervision of the field, and stimulate the innovative vitality of enterprises and clinical medical personnel, (hereinafter referred to as CMDDSC), directed by Department of Science and Technology for Social Development of Ministry of Science and Technology and undertaken by China National Center for Biotechnology Development and China Service Alliance for Medical Device Technology Innovation (hereinafter referred to as “Alliance”), has been successfully held for three times in a row since 2018. A total of 283, 607, and 665 medical device innovation projects under research at home and abroad have been collected on these three occasions, respectively. A total of more than 1,000 companies and innovative service and investment institutions participated in the competition and related activities. These events attracted more than 20,000 on-site audiences, and many ministers, academicians and experts who have given their valuable guidance and comments. Statistics collected 4 to 6 months later showed that a total of CNY 3.2 billion has been raised for the 81 award-winning innovative projects in 2018 and 2019. Part of these projects subsequently received funding from governments at ministerial, provincial, and municipal level and funding from the military as well as various other awards. According to arrangements and industrial requirements, the 4th China Medical Device Design & Startup Competition will be launched recently and online registration for the competition events will soon be available. Relevant information regarding the event are hereby notified as follows:
I. The event is directed by the Department of S&T for Social Development, Ministry of Science and Technology and the China National Center for Biotechnology Development, and is hosted by the China Service Alliance for Medical Device Technology Innovation. Any attempts by local governments, science parks and scientific research institutes to jointly host the competition will be welcomed.
II. Themed on “Supporting the transformation of clinical and academic research results and treasuring technological innovation and innovative services in light of actual needs", the competition is divided into the following categories:
In vitro diagnostic (IVD) products (reagents and devices, pathology, etc.)
Medical dressings, infusion and care products
Surgical and minimally invasive instruments (surgical instruments, endoscopes and consumables, etc.)
High-value consumables and implants & intervention products
Large and medium-sized diagnosis and treatment equipment (imaging, radiotherapy, and ablation products)
First aid and life support (emergency monitoring, dialysis, etc.)
Artificial intelligence and medical software, mobile and telemedicine
Household, TCM, rehabilitation physiotherapy and fitness and health equipment
Anti-epidemic and infection control products
The above categories are further divided into the Start-up Group (products or projects that have not yet obtained registration certificates at the time of registration) and Growth Groups (products that have obtained registration certificates for the first time) for semi-finals (stage/regional competitions) and finals, respectively. The organizer will appropriately adjust the above categories or hold special competition according to the registration details of the project. Special competitions shall be set up according to the requirements of the co-organizers according to fields of the product, process materials, clinical categories or business models (Such as the previous special competitions for POCT, household appliances, high polymer materials, coating technologies, hospital projects, ophthalmology products, CRO, financial leasing business, and special Huawei financing competition for large and small enterprises).
III. Projects intended to participate in the event must meet the following conditions:
 1. Projects of the Start-up Group must be a medical device project or technology that is still in its research and development or registration stage and that has not yet obtained the medical device product registration certificate; projects of the Growth Group is limited to innovative medical device products that have obtained the medical device product registration certificate for the first time; whether some of the equipment, accessories or processes that do not need to be registered as equipment are able to participate in the competition shall be subject to the review of the organizing committee.
 2. The competition projects shall comply with relevant national laws, regulations and policies, and shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others. Individuals, teams and enterprises participating in the competition shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the registration information;
   3. The products involved in the competition shall be innovative and original and of certain social and market value;
   4. When competition projects are registered, individuals, enterprises or teams related to the project shall be stated;
   5. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff from all clinical hospitals and other partners are welcome to participate to sign up for the competition;
   6. No entry fee will be charged to the participants throughout the competition.
IV. The competition schedule is as follows:
   1. Registration
From today onwards, participants can log on to the official website of the competition ( to register from now on. The deadline for registration is May 31.
   2. Preliminary contest
  The competition projects confirmed through review will enter the preliminary contest, and the qualifications of such projects will be reviewed on Internet. The jury is composed of well-known technical experts, clinical experts, registration or review experts, and investment experts in the industry. The organizer and jury have the right to veto projects that do not meet the requirements of the competition.
3. Semi-final
 The semi-finals will start in June in the form of roadshow by category. The specific time, place and schedule will be notified separately.
   4. Final
  The semi-finals will start in September in the form of roadshow by category. The specific time, place and schedule will be notified separately.
V. The awards are set as follows:
According to the number of projects applied for the competition, categories and groups, there will be First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize and Excellent Prize.
6. The projects participating in the competition are prioritized to receive the following rewards:
1. Participating projects are prioritized to be recommended as relevant national and local science and technology funding projects;
2. Participating projects are prioritized to receive capital injection and mergers and acquisitions by enterprises and investment institutions in the industry, as well as to be publicized by popular media;
3. The cooperation between some participating projects and some production and operation enterprises will be promoted;
4. Participating projects are prioritized to receive special supporting policy support from the science parks and innovation service institutions;
5. Those who participate in the competition with a project shall have access to free advanced training and face-to-face communication with the most authoritative experts and elites in the industry.
VII. In order to enable the participating projects to better connect with the industry and innovation service resources to grow and transform as soon as possible, we will continue to hold the "2021 Medical Device Innovation Week" during the finals of the competition. The event will last for 4 days in the form of "1 competition, 2 exhibitions and 3+15 forum”. This means that the event will be centered on "2021 Medical Device Innovation and Service Exhibition (MISE2021)" and "2021 China Big Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Resources Revitalization (Transaction) Conference (HAUTE2021)”, supplemented by three keynote forums - DeviceChina2021, CMIF2021, and TMIS2021, and supported by 15 professional theme sub-forums. The event covers medical device innovation ecosystems for production, education, research and marketing such as heart and cerebral vessels, imaging equipment, tumor-related device, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedic equipment and materials, medical artificial intelligence, in vitro diagnostics, upstream material accessories and manufacturing processes, innovative design of medical devices and the transformation of medical results, as well as clinical test bases and original equipment manufacturer platform, and distributor alliances, various innovative service and investment institutions, scientific and technological parks. Finally, we will build a public platform that gathers global innovative talents, companies, products, and various creative resources, so as to promote local and international innovation collaboration, accelerate medical device clinical scientific research and the transformation of academic results, and promote the continuous innovation and development of China’s medical device industry.
Please encourage various enterprises and individuals or teams engaged in the research and development, production, sales, use, supervision and services of medical devices to participate in competitions and innovation week activities in the industry and actively publicize such activities. Local governments, industrial parks, enterprises, and institutions are welcomed to exchange ideas on joint hosting of competitions and on cooperation for special competitions and sub-forums. We sincerely invite elites and friends in the industry from all walks of life to participate in the final and innovation week activities!
For more information, please refer to the official website of the competition (

China Service Alliance for Medical Device Technology Innovation
January 15, 2021