First Look of the Quotation Result of Coronary Stents: a 90% Drop! Three imported products are shortlisted!

  • 2020-11-06
Today, the bidding for the centralized procurement of coronary stents with target quantity led by the National Healthcare Security Administration was opened in Tianjin. The much anticipated result of the bidding for the coronary stents is here!

Quotation Result of Procurement of Coronary Stents with Target Quantity
The quotation price for the procurement of coronary stents has been released!

Chart 1: Statistics on the Quotation Results of Procurement of Coronary Stents with Target Quantity
Data source: Collated by Zhongkang Industry Capital Research Center according to online news (Note: It is the preliminary quotation result, and the final result shall be subject to the release on the procurement platform)
Among the 27 coronary stents, a total of 26 products were quoted, among which Micell Technologies Ireland Limited failed to make quotation. From the quotation result, there are 12 products quoted at prices lower than CNY 1,000! Only 4 products are quoted at prices higher than the reference price of CNY 2,850 in the previous documents, and the other quotations are all lower than the reference prices.
According to the rules for the procurement of coronary stents with target quantity, there are no more than four products from the same manufacturer in the top ten products of this quotation. Therefore, such 10 products are highly likely to win the bid, accounting for a total of 67.9% of the intended purchase quantity. Foreign companies actively participated in the bidding. One product of Medtronic and two products of Boston Scientific were shown among the TOP10 low-priced products. The lowest bidding price of the 7 domestic products in the TOP10 low-priced products was between CNY 7,000 and 10,000. This quotation drops by more than 90%, which is comparable to that of the procurement of drugs in 4+7 cities with target quantity. Previously, MicroPort received much attention due to its large number of intended procurement quantities. From the quotation, the two products of MicroPort are likely to win the bid, with an intended procurement quantity of accounting for 24.2%, but the share price of MicroPort still plunged significantly.

Chart 2: Share Price of MicroPort (0853.HK)

Data source: RoyalFlush, Zhongkang Industrial Capital Research Center

Review of Procurement of Coronary Stents with Target Quantity
In September 2020, coronary stents were designated as the first batch of high-value medical consumables to be procured with target quantity. On October 16, 2020, the State-Organized High-Value Medical Consumables Centralized Procurement Office issued the State-Organized Centralized Procurement of Coronary Stents with Target Quantity (GH-HD2020-1). The document finally determined that the intended procurement quantity of the first batch of national centralized procurement of coronary stents with target quantity in the first year exceeded 1.07 million, involving 27 products from 12 companies with an amount of more than CNY 12.3 billion, accounting for more than 80% of the market size of the cardiac stent. This morning, the bidding was held in Tianjin. Companies successively submitted the application materials and the quotation also immediately divulged.