The Third China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition Held

  • 2020-09-17
The Third China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition initiated online registration on May 6, 2020, with a total of 665 registration items as of August 15. The Competition consisted of six segments: optical-electromechanical products, AI and wearable devices, in vitro diagnosis (IVD) products, medical consumables and implantation/intervention products, household and rehabilitation devices, and raw materials and process of accessories. The startup group (registration certificate not obtained) and growth group (registration certificate obtained for the first time) have been set up to conduct the preliminary competition, intermediary competition and final competition. At the beginning of start-up, universities, national clinical research centers, and hospitals at all levels were active in registration, so additional three special competitions including hospital project, precision measurement of human body, and public health emergency and epidemic prevention equipment were set up in the Competition.

The Third China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition
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The globally high-profile feast of medical device innovators — the Final of the Third China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition — ushered on September 16, 2020. The finals of special competitions for precision measurement of human body and public health emergency and epidemic prevention equipment and the final of household and rehabilitation devices were held in Suzhou International Expo Center; the finals of optical-electromechanical products and AI were held in Hotel Nikko Suzhou in Suzhou National Hi-Tech District.

The activity site was particularly crowded and the meeting room was inundated with people.

Numerous innovation project highlights and attractive expert roadshows
Project teams performed roadshows focusing on the core technology, product application and market scale, communicated with judges on the financing demand, team construction and industry outlook, and listened to suggestions from the judges.

Global Device Week (GDW) held in conjunction with the Competition
For rapid application of entries and awards to the industry, the organizer planned the GDW with the Competition, which gathered innovation enterprises, scientific research institutions, clinical experts, third-party design manufacturers, testing, animal and clinical test bodies, providers of patent services and upstream materials, accessories and technical services, distribution channel alliance for medical devices, park incubators, nearly 300 investment institutions, and numerous innovative service related enterprises and resources, forming a series activities of "One Competition, One Exhibition and 3 main forums + 12 sub-forums".

Taking the "Third China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition (CMDDEC2020)" and "Medical Devices Innovation and Service Exhibition 2020 (MISE2020)" guided by the Division of Social Development Science and Technology under the Ministry of Science and Technology and China National Center for Biotechnology Development as the center, GDW provided four theme forums: Device China 2020, China Medical Innovation Forum 2020 (CMIF2020), China Medical Device Transformation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum 2020 (TMIS2020). Also, the GDW has held several forums on specialized subjects, such as Medical Device Technology Finance Forum (and Roadshow for Mature Projects), Human Factor Design and Safe, Efficient and Easy-to-Use Implementation — Seminar on Human Factor Design/Usability of Medical Devices, Special Forum on Innovation and Development of Precision Measurement of Human Body, Gene Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum, Regulation and Innovation Forum of Medical Devices under New Regulation Mode, and Workshop on Pre-clinical Research (Animal Trial) of Medical Devices. Related parties of medical device innovation policies including relevant national clinical medicine innovation centers and hospitals, industry regulatory authorities and review and approval experts as well as innovation elites in the industry were invited in the activity to jointly build a platform for cooperation between innovative projects, innovative service institutions and the medical device industry, boosting the innovative development of China's medical device industry!