In-depth Expounding, Interactive Practice, Total Involvement - Participants of Senior Seminar on Risk Prevention and Crisis Management Benefit Greatly

  • 2020-09-02

On August 17 to 18, 2020, a two-day "2020 Senior Seminar on Risk Prevention and Crisis Management for Pharmaceutical Enterprises" was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Participants agreed that the seminar curriculum arrangements met the actual work needs and the case analysis, practical training and other teaching forms were very useful and beneficial. After the learning, participants had a deep understanding of basic principles and methods of risk prevention and crisis management, mastered basic skills and increased the ability to speak to the media. Many participants said that they have had a clear idea of what to do next.

Wang Lianglan, a part-time Distinguished Professor of the Communication University of China, Wang Yongping, former Spokesman of the Ministry of Railways, and senior media worker in Xinhua News Agency were invited to communicate with participants in the seminar. The seminar focused on mainly seven aspects: 1. crisis events, public feeling, risk challenge in the pharmaceutical industry in 5G era and their countermeasures; 2. principles and methods of communication with media in 5G era; 3. principles of news statement writing and ways to organize a press conference; 4. how to respond to media interviews; 5. development of plans for handling of crisis events and guidance of public opinions in simulated practice; 6. responding to media interviews in simulated practice; 7. holding of a press conference in simulated practice.

It was stressed in the seminar that the pharmaceutical industry would face the risk of more frequent and higher-cost public opinions with the development of omnimedia and the advent of 5G era, so each enterprise should set up a sound risk prevention and crisis management mechanism, improve the media literacy of all staff and their ability to handle crisis events, achieve unified ideological understanding, respective responsibilities taken by relevant personnel, timely recognition of problems, timely correct handling and timely accurate publishing, minimize the possible negative effects of crisis events, and safeguard the immediate interests of the people.

The crisis management is a required course for managers of medical device enterprises. CAMDI will regularly conduct senior seminars on crisis management. Please pay attention to the relevant notice.