The 3rd China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition and Global Device Week

  • 2020-06-08

To relevant enterprises in the industry, scientific institutions, innovation service providers, investors, industrial experts and clinical experts,


Guided by the Science and Technology for Social Development Department of Ministry of Science and Technology and China National Center for Biotechnology Development and organized by the Strategic Innovation Alliance of Medical Device Technology (hereinafter referred to as "the Alliance"), the China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as "the Competition") has been held twice since 2018 and has collected 283 ongoing medical devices innovation projects domestically and 607 internationally. In the two competitions and the supporting activities, over 1000 enterprises, innovation service providers and investors participated, over 20,000 onsite visits and the leaders, academicians and experts of many departments appeared on site; 81 innovation projects were awarded; in the 6 months after the competitions, nearly CNY 3 billion investment was raised for the aforesaid projects.

Contents of the competition:

I. The Competition is guided by the Science and Technology for Social Development Department of Ministry of Science and Technology and China National Center for Biotechnology Development and is jointly organized by the Strategic Innovation Alliance of Medical Device Technology, local government and the investment promotion authority of the science and technology park.

II. The Competition is themed "Focus on Translational Medicine Meeting Actual Clinical Needs and Strengthening Technological Innovation and Innovation Services" and consists of six segments: optical-electromechanical products, AI and wearable devices, in vitro diagnosis (IVD) products, medical consumables and implantation/intervention products, household and rehabilitation devices, and raw materials and process of accessories. The startup group (registration certificate not obtained) and growth group (registration certificate obtained for the first time) have been set up to conduct the preliminary competition, intermediary competition and final competition.

The Competition has added the special sessions for human body precision measurement, public health emergency response and epidemic prevention and control and hospital projects.

III. The participating projects must meet the following conditions:

1. The participating projects in the startup group must be the projects or technologies that have not yet obtained medical device registration certificate and are still in the process of R&D or registration; the growth group only allows the innovative medical devices that have obtained the medical device registration certificate for the first time; certain apparatuses, accessories or processes that do not need to be registered as devices will need approval of the Organizing Committee to participate;

2. The participating projects must comply with applicable national laws, regulations and policies and shall not infringe on the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of others; the participating individuals, teams and enterprises shall be responsible for authenticity and accuracy of their registration information;

3. The products involved in the participating projects must be innovative and original and have certain social value and market value;

4. The participating project registration must indicate the participant is an individual, enterprise or team;

5. The national clinical medical research centers and clinical experts are welcomed to participate in the Competition or collaborate with other parties in participating in the Competition;

6. The participants do not have to pay any fee for any part of the Competition.

IV. Schedule of the Competition:

1. Registration

The participant can access the Competition official website ( to register. The deadline for registration is August 15, 2020;

2. Preliminary competition

The approved projects will participate in the preliminary competition. The preliminary competition will proceed in the form of online review, which will take place in the last ten-day period of August 2020;

The Review Committee is comprised of the well-known technical experts, clinical experts, registration or review experts and investment experts in the industry. The projects that do not qualify for participation may be rejected by the sponsor and Review Committee;

3. Intermediary competition

The last ten-day period of August and first ten-day period of September 2020: road show; time and venue will be further notified;

4. Final competition

September 16, 2020: road show; venue: Suzhou; the schedule will be further notified.

V. Awards are as follows:

The First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize and Excellence Prize are offered according to the number of participants and competition categories and groups.

VI. The participating projects will be granted the following preferential awards:

1. Preferential recommendation to participate in nationally or locally funded science and technology projects

2. Preferential eligibility to receive investment from and merge with the enterprises and investors in the industry and the opportunity for exposure to pioneering media;

3. Substantive partnership between some of the participating projects and production and operation enterprise;

4. Policy support from the park and innovation service providers;

5. Face-to-face communication with the most authoritative experts and elites in the industry.

VII. In order to enable better growth and transformation of the participating projects, the final competition will be accompanied by the concurrent "Global Device Week 2020" event. This event mainly consists of "one competition, one expo and three forums", which is centered on the innovation competition and the "Medical Innovation and Service Expo 2020" (MISE2020) and supported by the three themed forums--DeviceChina2020, China Medical Innovation Forum 2020 (CMIF2020) and China Translational Medicine and Innovation Service Forum 2020 (TMIS2020). Fifteen (15) professional themed sub-forums will be held concurrently. The event will attract the service providers and investors involved in heart and cerebral vessels, imaging equipment, tumor related devices, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedics devices and materials, medical AI, in vitro diagnosis, upstream materials, accessories and manufacture process, medical devices innovation and design, medical achievement transformation, clinical testing base, foundry platform and distributors alliance, and also science parks, incubators and other parties involved in industry, academia, research, distribution, application, supervision and investment in the medical devices innovation eco-system to participate in the activities and exhibitions, for the following purposes: gather global innovation talents, projects, products and innovation service resources and match them on site; promote international innovation collaboration and accelerate transformation of clinical research of medical devices and transformation of institutions' achievements; create an overall environment for innovation of medical devices and promote sustainable innovation and development of medical devices industry of China.

The competition will exhibit the select outstanding projects at the Medical Innovation and Service Expo.

The participating enterprises will be allowed free exhibition on the online exhibition hall of the Medical Devices Innovation website (


Now there are still some cooperation opportunities available for organization and sponsorship of the intermediary competition and final competition of some sessions of the Competition and for advertisement during the activities in the Innovation Week. Promotion for the Medical Innovation and Service Expo is still ongoing. Inquiries are welcome!

See details in the Competition official website (


Strategic Innovation Alliance of Medical Device Technology

May 28, 2020