Notice on Soliciting Opinions on Guidelines for Generic Naming in 8 Fields Including Active Surgical Devices

  • 2020-07-16
To the entities concerned,
Entrusted by Center for Medical Device Standards Management of NMPA and in order to implement Naming Rules for the Generic Names of Medical Devices, China Association for Medical Devices Industry now publicly solicits opinions from the members for guidelines on generic naming in 8 fields, i.e. medical carrying devices, active surgical devices, ophthalmological devices, neurological and cardiovascular surgical devices, medical examination and monitoring devices, physical therapy devices and injection, nursing and protection devices. (The relevant materials are indicated in the website)
Please submit information on solicitation of opinions in writing to the Email address by August 11, 2020. If no information is submitted beyond the deadline, it will be deemed that no opinion is collected.
Contact: Liang Yanbing; Email address: