[Online training] Notice on Holding the Workshop on Sample Preparation for Biocompatibility Experiment of Medical Devices

  • 2020-07-20
To the entities concerned,
Biological evaluation of medical devices is an important approach to evaluating the biosafety of the medical devices that are in direct and/or indirect contact of patients and selection and preparation of experiment samples are the basic guarantee for effectiveness and accuracy of such biological evaluation and experiment. In order to help the personnel involved in testing, registration and R&D of medical devices gain a better understanding of GB/T16886.12-2017/ISO10993-12:2012, this workshop has invited Wang Shixia, Supervisor of Cell Laboratory and authorized signatory of Tianjin Mid-Link Technology Testing Co., Ltd., to explain the principles on and common issues in selection of experiment samples and give answers over the hot-spot issues to the participants on July 28.
I.    Conference time:
14:00-15:30, July 28, 2020
II.    Conference contents:
1.    Overview on preparation of biocompatibility experiment samples
2.    Terminology interpretation
3.    Principles on sample selection
4.    Summary of common issues during sample preparation
III.    Introduction to the lecturer:
Wang Shixia, Postgraduate Student, Supervisor of Cell Laboratory of Tianjin Mid-Link Technology Testing Co., Ltd., authorized signatory for ANAB and CNAS in vitro experiment and intermediate engineer of biomedicine.
IV.    Instructions on registration:
For online streaming registration, use DingTalk to join the "Biocompatibility Experiment Sample Preparation Training" Group: 1. Search the group ID on DingTalk: 32907794; 2. Scan the QR code to join the group. This group will successively present various training workshops.

V.    Participants:
Personnel involved in R&D, technologies, testing and regulatory affairs related to medical devices from R&D and manufacturing enterprises of medical devices
VI.    Contact:
Wu Yinglong: 13126688265, wuyl@camdi.org