China Association for Medical Devices Industry Visits Anji for Survey and Guidance

  • 2020-07-21
On July 16-17, after being invited by Anji County, Deputy Secretary General Hu Huihui and Deputy Secretary General Su Wenna of China Association for Medical Devices Industry visited Anji for survey and guidance. Shen Mingquan, Secretary of Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee of Huzhou and Secretary of Anji County Party Committee, Song Bo, Deputy Secretary of County Committee and the County Mayor, Xu Weiyong, Deputy Secretary of County Committee, Secretary of Political and Law Commission and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Development Zone, and Pan Ming, member of Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Executive Vice County Mayor, graciously received and invited Hu and her colleagues to participate in the semi-annual contract-signing ceremony of the investment promotion and talents recruitment projects of Anji County in 2020. Both sides had discussion over in-depth collaboration.

Accompanied by Cao Honghua, Director of Investment Promotion Center of Anji County, Hu and her colleagues visited the Health and Biomedicine Industry Park in the Anji Economic Development Zone and had a cordial discussion with Fang Xiaoliang, Chairman of Orient Gene Biotech Co., Ltd., a listed company.

Anji County is governed by Huzhou, Zhejiang. It has pleasant environment. It is the birthplace of the "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" philosophy proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the origin of "beautiful countryside" concept and the pioneer of green development. Anji is located at the geometric center of the Yangtse River Delta Economic Area. It is the source of Huangpu River in Shanghai and an important node in the northwest of Hangzhou Metropolitan Circle. With the three-dimensional transportation network constituted of high-speed railways, expressways, airlines and water ways, Anji has created a fast transport circle in which it takes 30 minutes to reach Hangzhou and Huzhou and 90 minutes to Shanghai and Nanjing. In recent years, Anji has been vigorously developing massive health industry and nearly 2000 mu of land in its Economic Development Zone has recently been allocated for health and medicine industry. It has enacted the policies that support development of biomedicine and medical devices industries. In 2019, the enterprises of massive health industry in Anji County gained revenue of CNY 7.82 billion.