• 2020-03-30

The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) held a National Teleconference on Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices on March 27, 2020. The conference saw the summarizing of supervision of medical devices in 2019, analysis of current situation, and discussion on arrangements of key work in 2020. Xu Jinghe, Member of leading Party group and Deputy Director of NMPA, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

Xu Jinghe spoke highly of the supervision of medical devices in 2019 and made arrangements for key work in supervision of medical devices in 2020. It was stressed at the conference that the supervision over marketing and export quality of medical devices for epidemic prevention and control needs to be effectively strengthened. Relevant authorities in various regions should implement earnestly local supervision responsibilities and effectively strengthen the supervision and inspection of manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic reagents, respirators, medical protective clothing, medical masks and other anti-epidemic devices. The application of medical devices for COVID-19 prevention and control was also reported at the conference.

In addition, specific measures were proposed to promote the industry self-regulation. Industry associations of medical devices are required to give full play to the "bridge" and "bond" role, urge members to fully implement "Four Strictest" requirements, perform the regulations and systems on medical devices and deepen the development of quality management system, so as to improve continuously industry integrity and self-regulation. Industry associations should actively organize the participation of members in the development of regulations, systems and standards on medical devices.

Yang Xiaofang, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association for Medical Devices Industry, was invited to attend the conference.