2019 Industrial Annual Meeting of China Association for Medical Devices Industry, news from Nanjing gaochun

  • 2019-12-16

The 2019 Industrial Annual Meeting was held in Gaochun, Nanjing from December 13 to 14 under the theme “Grasp the Policy- Innovate and Develop”. Experts and scholars from different areas together with the government officials, such as Sun Yinghao, the academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Tang Min, the counselor of the State Council, brought over 500 enterprise representatives from all over the country a feast. They analyzed the situation, interpreted the policies, and put forward solutions for preventing risks from different perspectives to help the practitioners of medical devices industry to understand new policies, grasp new situation and establish new thought so as to better utilize current policies and situation for leapfrog development. Zhao Yixin, the Chairman of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI), and Wu Yongqiang, the Party Secretary of Gaochun District Committee, delivered the opening speeches. Wang Yue, the Director of Jiangsu Medical Product Administration , was present at the meeting to express congratulations to the annual meeting.

Gaochun District Government of Nanjing strongly supported this annual meeting.

Tang Min

Sun Yinghao

Tang Min, the counselor of the State Council, member of Chinese Economists 50 Forum and famous economist, made an important report under the topic See the New Opportunities in Enterprise Development in Next Year from the Bulletin of Central Economic Working Conference. Besides, according to the theme “Grasp the Policy and Innovate the Development”, CAMDI invited Sun Yinghao, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, to deliver the introductory report with the topic Innovation & Practice in Medicine. Wang Lianglan, the professor of Communication University of China, gave a lesson on crisis PR with several iconic cases. Hu Yinglian, the professor of Department of Social and Ecological Civilization, Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C., delivered a report under the topic Analysis on Safety Management of Medical Instrument in Modernization of China’s Governance. He said that, scientific supervision shall give priority to the entity responsibilities of enterprise, and supervision departments shall act as a supplementary role in correction and solution. Song Weixing, the Deputy Head of Gaochun District, also attended the meeting to introduce the development of medical devices industry in Gaochun.

During the meeting, the attended experts and scholars delivered special reports on the hot issues generally concerned by industry, including: (1) Thinking of Precision Management on DRG and Medical Consumables under Comprehensive Deepening of Medical Reform; (2) Exchange on Management of Large Medical Equipment; (3) Technical Points and Industry Impacts of CHS-DRG in Medical Insurance; (4) Economic Operation of Medical Industry and Relevant Industrial Policies; (5) Risks in Intellectual Properties of Medical Devices Industry and Response; (6) Recent Adjustment to China’s Customs Tariff Policy and Coping Strategies to Sino-US Trade War; (7) Unannounced Inspection on Medical Devices in 2019; and (8) Major Variations in New Regulation and Response of Enterprise.
Jiang Feng, the President of Strategic Innovation Alliance of Medical Device Technology and Vice Chairman of CAMDI, delivered a special report Road of Innovation and Development of Medical Devices Industry in Yangtze River Delta G60 Ke Chuang Corridor.

The two-day’s meeting covered from the macro-economic situation to specific adjustment on policies and regulations, and from upstream source of technologies, materials and medical innovation to downstream management of product application. These strategically advantageous special reports will promote the innovative development of medical devices industry。