Latest mobile application OF “China DRUG Supervision” was LAUNCHED

  • 2019-09-12
Recently, the latest mobile application client of “China Drug Supervision” was launched in the website of National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). From the perspective of users, the latest “China Drug Supervision” is more in line with the habits of the public in using mobile apps, and closer to the public’s demand for authoritative information on drug safety.
The latest APP not only provides the public with important information of drug administration, regulatory documents, announcements and notices, and professional policy interpretation, but also adds special columns of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics, publicizing product recall, flight inspection, risk warning, etc., providing the public with the latest drug safety trend.
The latest APP focused on creating a government affairs service column. The government affairs service column comprehensively coordinates the administrative system related to the functions of NMPA, integrates the unified access of mobile applications of government affairs, and continuously expands the scope of services according to the construction of mobile applications of government affairs. Currently, the “China Drug Supervision” has integrated government affairs service accesses such as government affairs halls, local drug supervision, data query, complaints and reports. The user can easily find the access of the transaction in the government affairs service column, which decreases the trouble of multi-party consultation.
The data query column is available in the APP, to provide data services to users. The information on drug, medical device, cosmetics-related products, enterprises and licensing progress published by NMPA is available in the data query column. In addition, by further optimizing the data query method and experience, the APP provides two query methods: fuzzy query and single field query, providing users with professional and authoritative data for reference. In order to make the supervisory data available for the user, the data query column will continue to expand the data disclosure scope of the mobile terminal, providing more convenient services for the public, enterprises and supervisors.