After-sales Maintenance of Medical Devices Has Huge Market Potential and the Third-Party Hosting Likely Becoming a Trend

  • 2019-05-28
In recent years, the homogenization of medical device products is obvious. With the continuous deepening of medical reform, the whole market is becoming increasingly competitive and there'll be a great change in the industry in the future. Manufacturers have realized that the after-sales maintenance service for medical devices is becoming the next opportunity.

Fierce competition in the after-sales service market of medical devices
The capacity of after-sales maintenance market of medical devices in China is nearly CNY 100 billion, nearly 80 percent of the market is occupied by manufacturers, and the remaining 20 percent is occupied by the third-party medical device maintenance providers. Medical device manufacturers have the initiative in the field of after-sales maintenance as they hold core technologies, key spare parts and other resources. The "Order No. 18", Measures for Supervision and Administration of Use Quality of Medical Devices, came into effect in February 2016, and it specifies the legal status of third-party after-sales service companies in undertaking hospital equipment maintenance, so the monopoly of original manufacturers is broken in terms of the industrial top design.

Overall third-party hosting likely becoming a trend
The after-sales service systems for medical devices in European and American countries have been relatively mature. Nearly half of hospitals in the United States have entrusted the after-sales service to the third-party companies, so as to maximize the management efficiency of hospitals and extend the service life of medical devices. The device maintenance personnel from the third parties provide directly such professional services as device maintenance and testing in hospitals.

As the development trend of the after-sales market of medical devices in the future, the overall third-party hosting of hospital devices mainly has the following advantages: The third-party hosting can effectively lower the cost of hospital device management. Hospitals can enjoy the preferential prices due to the large-scale operation of the third parties in terms of new device purchase and existing device maintenance.

The whole industry in China is still at the early stage of its development. Most of third parties specialize in the field of maintenance of certain types of specific medical devices and the overall hosting services need to be developed. At present, in terms of the third-party medical device maintenance institutions, the representative companies include Shanghai Kunya, Shangneng Sunnik and Healthengine and Shanghai Kedu, and some regional companies such as Anhui Medstar also provide such service.

Technological innovation accelerating the upgrade of the industry
With the ceaseless upgrade of medical device products and information technology in recent years, the third-party medical device maintenance providers also provide technological support in device state monitoring and basic maintenance etc. through remote guidance and operation by relying on the era of "cloud after-sales service" initiated by big data and AI technology. Experts said that the field of third-party after-sales maintenance of medical devices still would have great development potential in the future as the relationship between node enterprises in the traditional medical industry chain gradually became simple and standardized.