Innovation of Model for Clinical Services of Medical Device Registration - 0 Down Payment, 0 Risk, and 100% Satisfaction

  • 2019-03-18
Huitong Medical Group hosted a news release conference on the Innovation of Model for Clinical Services of Medical Device Registration in Nanjing on March 15, 2019. During the conference, the leading provider of medical device services first put forward the innovative service concept of 0 down payment, 0 risk, and 100% satisfaction.

More than 150 medical experts, entrepreneurs, media professionals and investors from all over the country were invited to attend the conference in Nanjing. Together, they bore witness to a historical shift in reshaping the medical device industry.

In his remarks during the conference, Zhang Lin, the deputy secretary-general of CAMDI, summarized the breakneck growth of the medical device industry and identified higher requirements for offering technology services in the medical device industry. At the same time, witnessing the innovation of great reform by Huitong Medical, he also expressed his wish that this model would lead to the better development of the industry.

At the conference, Dr. Chen Tao, the general manager of Huitong, introduced the innovative model of “0 down payment, 0 risk, and 100% satisfaction” and the current status of clinical service model of medical device registration. He summed up that what lies behind the concerns of clients is the cooperation model of “Pay before Service”. Clients often encounter problems arising from this model. They are unable to enjoy the right to choose services and control the risks, resulting in negative opinions regarding the medical device service industry, and their loss of time, funds and confidence in the industry.

Huitong first proposed the model of “0 down payment, 0 risk, 100% satisfaction”. This model allows clients to receive service before payment and express whether they are satisfied with the service. This innovative model can reduce costs of trial and error of enterprises and allow customers to enjoy the right to choose services through 0 down payment. Receiving service before payment can help reduce the risks of registering clinical loss. In addition, centering on the satisfaction of clients, this model will truly offer services that could satisfy clients 100%. Huitong will help clients in alleviating fund pressures, undertaking the risk of clients' registration, and promise to cover the entire project with quality services. It will respond to the demands of clients as a partner in an attempt to truly reshape the medical service industry of medical service registration.

In a sincere speech, Dr. Chen Tao detailed the implementation rules and scope of the new model and announced that the new service model will take effect on that very day. Executives at all levels of the group took questions from the media, experts, regulators and business representatives participating in the conference and answered these questions one by one.

As a guest of the conference, Jiang Haihong, a well-known expert in medical device regulation, and a professor from Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences, gave a speech on the new model of Huitong. He expressed his recognition of the influence of the new model on the industry, and expected the new model to open a new chapter in the industry.

Representatives from different enterprises also gave speeches at the conference. Cao Changqing, the chairman of Joymed Technology, a famous domestic CMO enterprise, expressed his high expectation for the new model. He said he supported the reform direction of Huitong, hoping the reform would bring about tangible results for the enterprises.

After the conference, all attending guests thought highly of the event. After a joint visit of by attending guests to the headquarters and inspection center of Huitong, the conference was successfully concluded.