Yu Qingming: Medical Device Industry Must Be Driven by Innovation in Technology

  • 2019-03-05
Yu Qingming, chairman of China Medical Devices Co., Ltd., as well as the NPC representative, stated that today’s predicament over medicine would be confronted in medical devices in the near future. He added that medical devices were different from drugs, considering the industrial form and development pattern, he encouraged all departments to sustain their support.
Yu Qingming thought, based on the features of industrial development, we must develop medical devices by relying on high-quality innovation and high-end technology. By the end of 2016, there are 338,000 enterprises related with medical devices, and the number spikes to 410,000 in the end of 2018. Most enterprises are still struggling in the vicious price competition with each other based on low-value consumables. Industrial concentration is at low level, which can be seen from that relevant enterprises haven’t found out the right direction for development. Yu Qingming stated that we shall establish a sound industrial form and a professional industrial platform covering research & development, manufacturing, trade finance and try-out, so as to strengthen technology innovation and make breakthrough in field with high technical barrier.
He also stressed that we must shift our focus from element resources to institutional construction based on laws and regulations. In order to optimize supervision over medical device quality, national relevant departments continuously formulated pertinent policies to reinforce supervision measures. The adoption of The Amendment to Regulations on the Supervision and Administration over Medical Devices (Draft for Review) recently further demonstrates that a key turning point has arrived in the reform of medical device industry.