Circular on Investigation on Outstanding Payment in the Field Related to Medicine and Drugs

  • 2019-01-25
To all provincial and municipal industry associations, member enterprises and units concerned,
To implement the spirit of the Circular of the General Office of the State Council on Addressing the Concerns of Businesses and Improving the Business Environment and to respond to the call of the executive meeting of the State Council to “take special actions to solve the default on private enterprise accounts due”, according to the consensus of the “Symposium on the Measures for Outstanding Payment in the Field Related to Medicine and Drugs” on December 12, 2018, China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CPIA), together with China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CATCM), China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI), China Nonprescription Medicines Association (CNMA), China Biochemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CBPIA), China Pharmaceutical Association of Plant Engineering (CPAPE) and China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Development Promote Association (CPEP), is planning to jointly investigate the outstanding payment in the field related to medicine and drugs, so as to understand the current condition of the defaults on the payment for goods in the pharmaceuticals industry. So we’d like hereby to ask for your cooperation. The investigation is detailed as follows:
I. Object
The investigation object includes:
1. Market entities, including members of those seven national industry associations above, members of provincial and municipal pharmaceutical associations and other pharmaceutical enterprises, medical device manufacturers, and medicine circulation enterprises.
2. Shareholders, including medical institutions, competent authority of government affairs.
II. Content
The investigation will focus on default on payment to enterprises, the influence of outstanding payment on business operation, execution and performance of purchase & sales contract, response of enterprises to outstanding payment, current operation state of market entity, industry bidding and procurement, causes of hospital’s arrears in payment.
III. Form
The investigation will be launched through questionnaire, field interview, and symposium.
IV. Results
1. The investigation data and information will be summarized and analyzed to form an Investigation Report on Outstanding Payment in the Field Related to Medicine and Drugs.
2. And such report will serve as the main reference by the CREDITCHINA.COM (medicine & health) for publishing the Entities in the Credit Blacklist for Outstanding Payment in the Field Related to Medicine and Drugs.
3. The results above will be submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant industry competent authorities.