Circulation on the Editing and Publishing of the Annual Report on the Development of Medical Device Industry in China (2019)

  • 2019-01-04
To all members and concerned institutions,

The Annual Report on the Development of Medical Device Industry in China (hereinafter referred to as “the Annual Report”), sponsored by the China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI), is a large data reference book published at home and abroad. The first issue of the Annual Report in 2018 presented the comprehensive and detailed data of the main sectors in the medical device industry in China. It was recognized by the medical device industry and the society and gained high attention. It is of great reference, practical and research value.

The Annual Report, authoritative and practical, is a large-scale reference book embodied in the development status and policies of China's medical device industry. It fleshes out the current situation, data and development trend of China's medical device industry as well as relevant policies and regulations instituted by government departments, thus fairly satisfying the demands of enterprises and institutions surrounding the industry. By presenting the state-of-art products, technology and equipment for medical device companies, the Annual Report greatly facilitates the matchmaking between technology and finance, and fuels the information exchange, crosswise connection and seamless cooperation in the sector.
To ensure the well-organized editing of the Annual Report (2019), we hereby sincerely hope that all the competent institutions and enterprises can fully cooperate with the editorial department. It is expected that all of you can pro-actively organize relevant personnel to provide materials and promptly contact with the editorial department of the Annual Report on joint editing issues after receiving the notice.

Please see attachments for more details.

China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI)

Instruction of Editing the Annual Report on the Development of Medical Device Industry in China

The Annual Report is an authoritative reference book to introduce the status quo and development of medical device industry in China. It highlights the outstanding companies which have made tectonic contributions to the development of the industry. Well illustrated with pictures and texts, this exhaustive Annual Report is highly instructive in considerably understanding and analyzing the development of the medical device industry, piloting the adjustment of product structure and boosting the sales of products.

It will provide solid grounds for the decision-making by the competent departments at all levels, industrial enterprises, numerous users and purchasers. Meanwhile, the Annual Report is also essential to a myriad of management personnel and engineering technicians surrounding this field for data access.

The Editorial Board:
Director: Zhao Yixin   President of CAMDI

Deputy Director:
Jiang Feng   Standing Vice President of CAMDI
Xu Shan       Secretary-General of CAMDI