Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd. Bought into Mobidiag and Found a Joint Venture

  • 2018-12-19
On December 15, 2018, Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd. of Zhengzhou and Mobidiag Oy from Finland (hereinafter referred to as “Mobidiag”) signed an equity subscription agreement. Through the agreement, Autobio subscribed for 3,846,153 R shares of Mobidiag at a subscription price of 2.60 Euros/share. with a total amount of 9,999,997.80 euros. At the same time, Autobio signed a joint venture agreement with Mobidiag. The two parties jointly invested 12.3 million euros to establish a joint venture in China (name of the company to be confirmed). Autobio held 65% share of the joint venture by investing 8 million euros while Mobidiag owned 35% with 4.3 million euros.

Mobidiag is a Finnish-based high-tech company that specializes in the design, development, production and sales of molecular diagnostic products. Currently, it possesses two mature technology platforms: one is Amplidiag which is an automated high-throughput and multi-target nucleic acid molecular diagnostic system based on real-time fluorescent PCR technology. It is designed for large and medium-sized laboratories and consists of a fully automated workstation for processing samples, a real-time PCR instrument, and supporting detection reagents. Products designed for the detection of a variety of gastrointestinal infection pathogens and antibiotic resistance have won the CE marking and been sold in the European Union. Two is Novodiag which is a fully automated high-throughput and multi-target nucleic acid molecular diagnostic system based on fluid control. It combines sample extraction, real-time fluorescence PCR, and evanescent wave fluorescence-based microarray hybridization. And it consists of a miniaturized fully automated instrument that can perform all experimental operations from sample processing to output of results, as well as a closed cassette that integrates the required reagents, flow channel of liquid, a fluorescent PCR–based reaction chamber, and microarrays.