Opening Ceremony for Development Platform of MD High-content Imaging TCM Research and Development Method Kicked Off

  • 2018-11-20
Opening ceremony for Experiment Center for Science and Technology, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Development Platform of Molecular Devices high-content imaging TCM Research and Development Method was kicked off on November 16, 2018 This platform is designed to set an example for the development of TCM and serve as a symbol for large-scale instrument sharing in university and drug research and development projects throughout the Zhangjiang region.

A photo of guests attending the opening ceremony

Dr. Yang Yang is delivering a speech

General manager Yan Jiemin is delivering a speech

Then, Yan Jiemin, the general manager of Molecular Devices, delivered a wonderful speech in which he detailed the growth of Danaher Corporation and Danaher China. He mainly described the improvement of the management system including staffing, schedule, and work flow. “Working in Danaher Corporation including MD, we believe what most important is to center on customers. Besides, products and services we provide should cater to the needs of customers and experiments in future. MD is and will be refining the quality, performance and function of its products. Focused on health problems in future, MD is intended to enable customers to score some scientific achievements through interpretation of cells and protein. "
High-content imaging can help observe cell structure from morphological and phenotypic levels. In addition to performing traditional cell analysis, the current MD High-content imaging can also be used to conduct in-depth cell research, such as three-dimensional cell structure, which is conducive to observing additional mechanism of drugs.