NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) Convening a Plenary Session, Ushering in a New Chapter in Drug Regulation

  • 2018-10-10
On October 9, the National Medical Products Administration held a meeting for all officers who pledged allegiance to Constitution. The meeting thoroughly implemented the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress and the second and third plenary sessions of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee, fully implemented the series of important spirits of the General Secretary Xi Jinping on drug regulation, summarized the related work during the institutional reform and mobilized officers and workers to further enhance their confidence, boost their spirits, forge ahead, and strive to do a good job in drug regulation in the new era. The meeting propagated the spirit of the warning education conference of the central and state authorities, reported the cases of warning education, and made arrangement for carrying out warning education and comprehensively strengthening Party discipline. Li Li, Party Secretary of NMPA, attended the meeting and gave a speech; Jiao Hong, Director of NMPA, took the chair; Xu jinghe, Chen shifei, Yan Jiangying, Deputy Directors of NMPA, attended the meeting.

The meeting held a pledge allegiance to Constitution. At 9:30 am, under the supervision of Li Li, Jiao Hong announced the start of the oath-taking ceremony. NMPA officers all lined up and sang the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China facing the national emblem and national flag. The oath leader recited the oath while keeping touching the Constitution, and the other swearers stood in line and followed the leader.

Li Li required all officers and workers of the NMPA to cherish the trust from the organization, keep in mind the people’s entrustment, work hard, explore and innovate with new looks and achievements as the new chapter in drug regulation. First, they shall be politically steadfast, corroborate their ideals and beliefs, be absolutely loyal to the Party, stand firmly for the people, and be trustworthy and reliable officials of the Party and the people. Second, they shall be erudite and good at work, diligent in learning, brave in practice, good at research, and constantly cultivate their abilities to take responsibility and make achievements. Third, they shall reform and innovate, be bold in self-revolution, take the initiative in further reform in difficult areas, strengthen the sense of purpose, and constantly promote innovation in thinking, mechanisms and methods. Fourth, they shall fulfill their duties, bear in mind their responsibilities and missions, and pay close attention to work implementation. The principals of relevant departments and directly controlled organs of NMPA shall do a good job in planning, serving as a good staff officer, and setting a good example in implementation. Fifth, they shall be honest, fair, cooperative, truth-seeking and pragmatic, and foster a culture featuring loyalty, harmony, innovation, efficiency and integrity. Sixth, they shall strictly abide by the law and discipline, enforce rules and regulations, and exercise power impartially in accordance with the law to ensure integrity.

In the meeting, Jiao Hong put forward four requirements: First, to work hard to establish rules and regulations and strengthen institutional assurance. To speed up the formulation and revision of laws, regulations and supporting documents by thoroughly implementing the major decisions and arrangements made by the central government, taking the requirement of “streamlining administration and scaling back its administrative power, easing restrictions and strengthening regulation where necessary, and improving services” into account. To accelerate the establishment and improvement of internal systems to ensure the efficient operation. Second, to give full play to the spirit of collaboration and make work handover seamless. To carefully sort out work tasks, ensuring the work of each post is effectively connected and carried out in an orderly manner. To timely solve difficult problems through communication and strive to create a new situation in work. Third, to apply the strictest standards, supervision, punishment and accountability so as to promote drug regulation continuously. To thoroughly implement the major decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the requirements to rectify problems identified in the inspection proposed by the central government, give top priority to strict discipline, fully implement the requirements of “supervision work must be kept up with”, prefect the supervision system and mechanism, and constantly improve work efficiency. To improve the ability to grasp new technologies and products, and promote the development of the supervision work with a global and strategic vision. Fourth, to accelerate reform of public institutions and establish sound coordination mechanisms. To further separate the responsibilities of relevant departments and directly controlled organs of NMPA, ensuring to form a working mechanism featuring mutual support and effective connection. To establish the overall sense of a game of chess, make overall planning and optimization and promote in a systematic way, so as to create a favorable situation of being one mind and advancing side by side.

All the officials of NMPA and leaders from its directly controlled organs attended this meeting.