Gold Standard of Precision Medicine – “NGS BRCA Calibration Plan” Officially Launched

  • 2018-08-22
On the evening of August 17, the project kick-off meeting of Gold Standard of Precision Medicine – “NGS BRCA Calibration Plan” was held in Shanghai. It was sponsored by China Association for Medical Devices Industry, and supported by AstraZeneca Investment (China) Co., Ltd., Merck (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific (China) Co., Ltd., Illumina China. Experts in the industry such as Ma Ding, academician of Tongji Hospital (Tongji Medical College Huazhong University of Science & Technology), Liang Zhiyong, professor of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Huang Jie, research fellow of National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, were invited to attend this conference. More than 60 representatives from pharmaceutical enterprises, manufacturers of sequencer, test companies and laboratories that provide NGS services participated in this conference.

In the beginning, the opening speeches were given by Ms. Yin Min, vice president of AstraZeneca Investment (China) Co., Ltd. and principal of tumor business division, Ms. Xu Shan, secretary general of the China Association for Medical Devices Industry, Academician Ma Ding and Xu Binghe, professor of Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences respectively. The start-up of this project was given high recognition by all the guests and attendees at the conference. Academician Ma particularly stressed that China started late on the NGS BRCA genetic testing and has not released the guidelines of the related test. It is hoped that the initiation and development of the project will standardize the process of BRCA genetic testing, raise the level of genetic test of domestic NGS test companies, and facilitate the development of related industry to bring more benefits to the patients.

(Ms. Yin's speech)

(Ms. Xu's speech)

(Academician Ma's speech)

 (Professor Xu's speech)

In the session of sharing academic ideas, Huang and Wang Jiayu, associate professor of Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences presented detailed introductions and shared their insight into industrial technology development and clinical significance of BRCA genetic testing.

(Huang is presenting his report)

 (Researcher fellow Huang Jie)

(Associate Professor Wang Jiayu)

Wu Huanwen, associate professor of Peking Union Medical College Hospital and secretary general of the project’s expert committee, introduced the detailed plan of this project to all the participants. The calibration plan included four stages: online research, calibration and testing, evaluation of the calibration test results and project summary, release of China BRCA test map and project data. The ultimate goal is to know the status of domestic NGS BRCA testing, strengthen the awareness of quality control, standardize the process of NGS BRCA testing, improve the recognition of clinicians, pathology doctors and NGS industry to BRCA testing, and optimize clinical practice through this project.

(Associate Professor Wu)

 (Launch ceremony)

 (Experts are awarded offers at the events)

In the end, Professor Liang made a summary about this conference and expressed his high expectations to this project: to strengthen the recognition of practitioners to the importance of NGS BRCA genetic testing quality and improve the process of BRCA genetic testing and variation interpretation; to integrate the resources of pathology, clinic and NGS industry through the successful construction of this platform and the subsequent development of this project; to achieve precision medicine, optimize clinical practice, benefit the patients and promote the sound development of the ecosystem of diagnosis and treatment through precision diagnosis.

(Professor Liang)