2018 China Medical Device Design & Startup Competition Final in South China Region Raised Its Curtains

  • 2018-08-29

On August 28, the “2018 China Medical Device Design & Startup Competition” (CMDDSC) Final in South China Region was held at Luogang Conference Center, Guangzhou. Five projects such as the "Erythrocyte Life Span Tester” stood out in the CMDDSC Final (South China Region) and were recommended to compete in the national finals. Ten projects including the “Development and Application of Label-Free Cell Imaging and Detector Based on Coherent Raman Scattering Spectrum Technique” were nominated in the CMDDSC Final (South China Region).

This event was guided by Department of Science and Technology for Social Development of Ministry of Science and Technology, China National Center for Biotechnology Development and Guangzhou Development District (GDD) Management Committee, undertaken by China Strategic Alliance of Medical Device Technology Innovation, co-organized by China Association for Medical Devices Industry, with substantial support from competent authorities and institutions including Guangzhou Development District (GDD) Science, Technology and Innovation Bureau, Guangzhou International Biotech Island (Sino-Israel) and Guangzhou Development District (GDD) Talent Work Group.

CMDDSC is intended to inspire the zeal of enterprises and medical staff for innovation, to deepen the cooperation between industry, university, research, application, capital and supervision of medical device industry, to build a more efficient and practical innovation service platform and to promote sustainable innovation and development of China’s medical device industry.

The winning projects will be recommended to participate in related national and local science and technology funding projects, and will have the priority of being supported by policies of science and technology parks and entrepreneur service institutions. In addition, the award-winning projects and designers will attract attention within the industry so as to increase their own value.

The 2018 China Medical Device Design & Startup Competition Final will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center on September 6, 2018. With “one innovation contest, one international exhibition and three keynote forums” put at the center of Global Device Week (GDW) 2018, this parallel event will bring together the innovative elements and talents of medical devices and welcome professionals from all circles with open arms.