A New Generation of CCM Laboratory Automation Solution: Lead the Development of Laboratory Automation and Improve the Overall Medical Level of the Hospital

  • 2018-07-03
With the continuous improvement of China’s medical reform process and the public’s “skyrocketing” demand for medical services, and higher requirements put forward by clinic and patients for the accuracy and timeliness of the test reports issued by the laboratory department, strengthening the construction of laboratory automation has become an important development trend and breakthrough point for major hospitals to improve overall medical service level and achieve unmet medical needs. Driven by this development trend, Wenzhou People’s Hospital recently introduced the world’s leading Roche Diagnostics CCM (cobas connection modules) laboratory automation system (hereinafter referred to as “CCM”), setting a benchmark for the construction and development of laboratory automation in Wenzhou.

Picture: Li Jiaren, Vice President of Wenzhou People’s Hospital

Li Jiaren, deputy director of Wenzhou People’s Hospital, said: “As a Grade III Level A comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, and preventive health care, our hospital has always been adhering to the hospital motto of ‘Advocate Ethics and Innovation, Pursue Perfection and Sincerity’, and is committed to building the first brand hospital providing high quality services in Wenzhou. The automatic upgrade of the hospital’s laboratory department is aimed at further improving the hospital’s overall diagnosis and treatment service level and comprehensive strength, and better assisting clinicians to grasp the best treatment time and make individualized treatment decisions by providing more accurate and timely test results for the clinic, so as to provide patients with more convenient, high-quality and efficient medical services and fully meet the growing medical needs of people in Wenzhou and surrounding areas. ”

Picture: Xu Kai, Director of Laboratory Department of Wenzhou People’s Hospital

"Medical tests provide a reliable basis for screening, diagnosis, treatment monitoring and prognosis assessment of diseases through in vitro tests of blood, urine or tissue fluids, etc. In order to maximize the advantages of medical testing, regardless of the size of test samples, the Laboratory Department needs to ensure that each test report is accurate and efficient. Xu Kai, Director of the Laboratory Department of Wenzhou People’s Hospital, pointed out that “ in order to alleviate the pressure of the people to seek medical treatment, to meet the needs of clinic and patients, and to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the test results, our Laboratory Department is committed to promoting the comprehensive upgrade of automation in the laboratory, and strives to achieve breakthroughs in integrating resources, improving efficiency, reducing errors and optimizing processes, further improves testing capabilities and service levels, and helps the hospital to bring higher quality medical services to the surrounding 300,000 people. ”

Mr. Chen Jintian, Director of the Department of Professional and Molecular Diagnostics at Roche China, said: “Laboratory automation construction is an important trend in the future development of hospital laboratories. As a leader in in vitro diagnostics in China and the world, Roche is committed to promoting the development and construction of Chinese hospital laboratory automation. In the future, we will continue to provide the best and most advanced laboratory solutions, diagnostic products and services for clinic and laboratory, and continue to modernize and intellectualize medical management, and contribute to the development of the modernization of Chinese hospitals and the progress of China’s medical and health undertakings. ”

Picture: Group photo