25 Pharmacies and Healthcare Associations Signed the Consensus Framework for the ethical collaboration and CAMDI attended the meeting

  • 2018-07-11

On July 6, The 5th China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Ethics Standards Forum and the Chinese Consensus Framework for the Ethical Collaboration in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sectors (hereinafter referred to as the Consensus Framework signing conference was held in Beijing. Associations and chambers of commerce from a total of 25 pharmacies and medical devices sectors in the country, and associations related to health professionals have signed the Consensus Framework. This is the first time to include hospital organizations and provincial and municipal pharmaceutical industry associations into participating institutions since the industry’s joint implementation of compliance construction in 2013. This also marks the formal and extensive integration of pharmaceutical, medical device and medical and health professionals under the Consensus Framework to jointly implement high ethical practice standards, strengthen exchanges between pharmaceutical and medical device production and sales companies, relevant industry associations, medical and health professionals and government agencies, thus to promote the development of the national medical cause.. Wu Haidong, Deputy Director of the Consumer Products Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Yang Rongchen, Deputy Director of the Policy and Regulation and Supervision Department of The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ma Zhongming, Director of the Inspection Bureau of Food and Drug Administration, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The Consensus Framework requires that signing parties should be patient, absorb and adopt comparatively mature codes of conduct and norms in the industry with an ethical, transparent communication and cooperation approach, jointly formulate or unify ethical guidelines with industry credibility, and formulate shareable capacity building and training programs. At the same time, the Consensus Framework requires all parties to regularly formulate joint work plans, clarify various practical activities, and take the Consensus Framework as a dynamic document, and welcome other organizations in related fields to join.

Effective cooperation between all parties will promote medical innovation and improve medical outcomes.

Wu Haidong pointed out in his speech that the promotion of high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges, such as weak innovation ability, low quality awareness, and insufficient green development. It is expected that relevant associations, societies, and chambers of commerce will join hands to gather entrepreneurs to communicate with each other, build consensus, and inspire entrepreneurship.

Pan Guangcheng, Executive Director of China Pharmaceutical Industry Association, said that the signing of the Consensus Framework marks the formal integration of “medical” and “medicine”, we have witnessed the comprehensive advancement of ethical norms in all sectors, and this is a milestone in the pharmaceutical industry’s implementation of compliance construction.

Tan Shengcai, Secretary-General of China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE), said: “The Consensus Framework, with an aim to promote trust, improve people’s health benefits, and improve services, has built a foundation for cooperation and exchanges among various stakeholders in the pharmaceuticals industry and standardized the working mechanism. Next, we look forward to open and honest communication and exchanges between all parties, and work together to implement APEC principles applicable to pharmaceuticals and medical device sectors, and cooperate to address the challenges faced by the industry and explore how to improve medical outcomes and patient outcomes. ”

Zhai Xiaomei, Director of the Medical Ethics Expert Committee of National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, and Yi Zhengyu, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Profession Association, spoke on behalf of Chinese Hospital Association and provincial and municipal pharmaceutical profession associations.

Zhao Yixin, President of China Medical Device Industry Association, signed the Consensus Framework on behalf of the association.