Beijing Held “Global Device Week” (GDW) Press Conference; The medical device industry innovation summit will open in Suzhou in early September.

  • 2018-06-19
On the morning of June 15, the press conference of “China Medical Devices Design & Startups Competition” (CMDDSC 2018) was held in Beijing. The press conference was presided over by Xu Shan, director of the Office of China Service Alliance for Medical Device Technology Innovation. Dr. Jiang Feng, chairman of the alliance introduced information on the planning, preparation and progress of CMDDSC 2018. The press conference was also attended by sponsors, organizers and supporting departments of the competition and a series of concurrent events held throughout the same week. The conference attendees, including the China National Center for Biotechnology Development (CNCBD), Messe Dusseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., SIP’s (Suzhou Industrial Park) Science, Technology & Information Bureau, Suzhou Medical Device Innovation Service Center and InnoMD Co., Ltd., briefed on CMDDSC 2018 and GDW.

Dr. Jiang Feng, chairman of China Service Alliance for Medical Device Technology Innovation

At the press conference, Dr. Jiang made a detailed introduction to a series of concurrent events to take place during the Global Device Week. The events include CMDDSC 2018 and Medical Fair China 2018 (MFC 2018) led by the Department of Social Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology and CNCBD, along with three keynote forums: Device China 2018, China Medical Innovation Forum 2018 (CMIF 2018) and Transformational Medicine & Innovation Service 2018 (TM&IS 2018).

Hua Yutao, director of the Division of Chemical Drugs and Medical Devices of CNCBD

At the press conference, director Hua noted that the Ministry of Science and Technology attaches much importance to CMDDSC 2018. Presently, China’s medical device industry is developing by leaps and bounds, and innovation and entrepreneurship both thrive across the country. Meanwhile, the reform of the review and approval system for medical devices continues to advance. But on the whole, China does not have enough scientific and technological innovation in pharmaceutical and medical devices, and the quality of our products cannot compare with those at international level. CMDDSC 2018 can enhance the competitiveness of China’s medical device industry and promote the industry to grow stronger and shift from manufacturing to creation.

Yin Jianguo, director of the Department of Biomedicine of SIP’s Science, Technology & Information Bureau and deputy manager of Suzhou Industrial Park Bio-industry Development Co., Ltd.

At the press conference, director Yin introduced that over years of hard work, the biological medicine industry in the park has established certain brand effect at home and around the world, and has made notable achievements. It is certain that the competition and GDW events will promote communication and interaction of medical device industry chain in the park and help SIP make arrangement from an international perspective and based on cutting-edge technological innovation.

Ms. Qiang Lei, project director of Messe Dusseldorf (Shanghai) Global Medical Exhibitions

Ms. Chen Jun, executive deputy director of Suzhou Medical Device Innovation Service Center