“2018 (4th Session) Medical 3D Printing Summit” Held by Bioon with Academician Dai Kerong

  • 2018-05-12

On May 12, 2018, the 2018 (the 4th Session) Medical 3D Printing Summit kicked off in Shanghai, under the sponsorship of Bioon jointly with Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine, National Innovation Center of Additive Manufacturing, National Innovation Institute of Additive Manufacturing, National Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Shanghai Center of Biomedicine Development.

The Summit is one of the few domestic top professional meetings of medical 3D printing. Led by Academician Lu Bingheng and Academician Dai Kerong, masters in the industry from all over the country gathered at the Summit, including leaders from governmental departments, representatives from companies in the industry, experts from scientific research institutes of colleges and universities and clinicians, and drilled down into and communicated regarding medical 3D printing key generic technologies and their cutting-edge application, difficulties and key issues of medical 3D printing as well as other contents.
Meanwhile, the Summit also will provide a super-excellent chance and platform for attendees to know about the development of medical 3D printing technologies and trends of the industry, discover potential partners, and build partnership. It promotes the coordination, collaboration and a win-win future in the Chinese medical 3D printing industry.

I. Top expert group of domestic and foreign medical 3D printing led by academicians

Not only medical 3D printing is a representative disruptive technology in the manufacturing industry, but also the application of 3D printing is constantly deepened in the biological health care field. The application of 3D printing technology holds significant value to the development and manufacture of customized medical devices, transformation of research and development of new medical technologies, creation and manufacture of new drugs of pharmaceutical enterprises, etc., and new achievements are continuously applied to clinical practices.

In the morning on May 12, Academician Dai Kerong delivered an opening speech, and shared his ideas on the themes “Next Eye of the Storm for Improving Rehabilitation Medicine” and “Building of Standards for Customized Health Care” respectively.

II. Gathering of cutting-edge technologies and applications of 3D printing in the health care industry

III. Insight of the latest design notion of medical 3D printing, and analysis on difficulties and key issues of medical 3D printing

IV. Cognition of train of thought behind the development of medical 3D printing, and opportunities to exchange and communicate with top experts and scholars in the industry

V. Intuitive window for non-medical 3D printing enterprises to know the development of medical 3D printing