The tHIS Health Industry Summit Raises the Curtains: Connecting the World and Building a Healthy China

  • 2018-04-13

On April 11th, the tHIS Health Industry Summit, a global health industry event launched by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, was grandly opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). As the top-level and most influential event in the global health industry, the summit has become an annual event to look forward to in the industry.

Focusing on the Health Industry with Highlights of Exhibition

Compared with previous years, the four areas, smart technology, national markets, innovative new products, and high-end communications have scaled a new height, providing more forward-looking, targeted, and practical solutions.

Wisdom and Health Take the Lead In 2017, the state released two strategic plans, the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan and the 13th Five-Year Special Plan for Technological Innovation in the Hygiene and Health Industry, and this year the representatives of the two sessions once again proposed to develop a smart medical treatment based on specific scenarios, indicating the broad prospects and increasingly prominent strategic significance of the medical artificial intelligence industry.

Explore the Global Market to Seek Opportunities With the advancement of globalization and the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, the pace of China’s medical care and health industry progressing towards internationalization has also been accelerated. During the transformation of China from a “pharmaceutical powerhouse” to a “medical powerhouse,” China needs not only policy support and guidance but also an innovative communication platform.

The summit brought together leading enterprises in the medical care and health industry from more than 30 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan to participate in the exhibition, and organized research institutes, medical institutions, hospitals and companies at home and abroad to hold numerous international summit forums. While making great contributions to the “bring in” of foreign outstanding products and the “go global” initiative of China’s high quality products, the summit has also promoted the integration and replacement of industry exchanges and quality resources at home and abroad.

Exciting Launch of Various New Products As the largest and most influential comprehensive service platform in the Asia-Pacific region, the summit is the first choice for the launch of new products, academic exchanges, trade promotion, and scientific research cooperation. Many well-known enterprises at the exhibition area rushed to release more than a thousand of world-leading products. The entire exhibition hall was covered by the active atmosphere of large-scale press conferences. Various excellent products and wonderful performances attracted attention. Medical giants such as GE Healthcare, Philips, Siemens, BD, Roche, Beckman Coulter, and bioMérieux have demonstrated their products and technologies. Among them, GE Healthcare demonstrated 16 new achievements in the field of medical technology innovation and digital medical innovation, including digital medical products, more than ten innovative medical technology products, high-end composite operating rooms, and intelligent ICU. BD also brings the latest VR experience.

Industry Leaders Gathered to Discuss Opportunities Changes in national policies have always been one of the biggest factors affecting the development of the medical industry. During the annual plenary sessions of NPC and CPPCC this year, experts from the health field put forward numerous proposals such as speeding up the formulation of the National Health Law, and promoting the establishment of the medical insurance system and “modern informatization” of Chinese medicine. Under the proposal and change of national proposals or policies, the development of the large-scale health industry will gradually assume a new pattern. In 2018, as the critical year for the transformation and upgrading of the medical industry, how the health industry enters into a new development stage under these policies is also the focus of enterprises.

Under the background of industry transformation, PharmChina has taken the platform effect of the exhibition platform effect and held the second PHARMCHINA Pharmaceutical Summit Forum in the same period. While providing the trend of policy study and judgment in pharmaceutical industry in 2018, it also analyzed the details of the compliance system and compliance management, and shared the marketing innovation under the strict compliance regulations to reinvigorate marketing.

The Organizer Endeavors to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Services