Report on the work of the government: major tasks for pharmaceutical reform in 2018 were determined

  • 2018-03-06
At 9:00 a.m. on March 5, the First Meeting of the Thirteenth National People's Congress of People's Republic of China was opened. The contents of the government work report concerning the pharmaceutical industry are summarized as follows: 

Review of Work in the Past Five Years

A total of 1.35 billion people were covered by the basic medical insurance.

Drug additions were rescinded, and breakthroughs been has in the reform of approval systems for medicine and medical devices. We have established unified basic pension and health insurance schemes for rural and non-working urban residents, and brought government office and public institution pension schemes into line with enterprise schemes. We have unveiled a plan for appropriating a share of state capital to replenish social security funds. We have carried out coordinated medical service, medical insurance, and pharmaceutical reforms. We have introduced a comprehensive reform in all public hospitals, rescinded the policy, long in effect, of allowing hospitals to profit from higher priced medicine, and made breakthroughs in the reform of approval systems for medicine and medical devices.

We Increased basic medical insurance subsidy.

We have strengthened food and drug regulation and risk control over all related processes. We have reformed and improved food and drug regulation and strengthened risk control over all related processes.

Suggestions for government work in 2018

We will promote "Internet +" in the medical field;

We will strengthen prevention and treatment of major diseases such as cancer;

We will promote the reform of medical prices, drug distribution, and medical insurance payment. We will deepen the reform of the endowment insurance system and establish a central regulation system for the basic endowment insurance fund for enterprise employees. We will deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, coordinate the advancement of medical prices, personnel remuneration, drug distribution, and health insurance payment reforms, improve the quality of medical and health services, and make great efforts to solve the difficulties of getting medical treatment for the people.

We will support social forces to increase the supply of medical services;

We will promote the further opening of medical field for foreign investments;

We will further basic medical insurance subsidy;

We will advance the hierarchical medical system and support the development of TCM;

We will achieve traceability of all related processes for food and drug regulation. We will figure out new methods for food and drug regulation, focus on improving the regulatory effectiveness with the Internet and big data, and accelerate the realization of leaving marks in the whole process and information traceability. We will identify any problem and hold any illegal seller liable so that consumers can enjoy reliable and safe drugs.