The Laboratory automation upgrade of the first affiliated Hospital of Army Medical University to provide patients with high-quality medical services

  • 2017-12-28
With the continuous medical demand, clinical testing plays an increasingly important role. The demand for accuracy and high efficiency of clinical diagnosis is constantly increasing. Therefore, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical tests, laboratory automation has become the focus of the standardized management of medical laboratories.
The first affiliated Hospital of Army Medical University, through the cooperation with Roche Diagnostics, has promoted the automation upgrade of the laboratory department so as to provide more rapid and accurate test results for the majority of patients, help grasp the best treatment time and enhance the overall medical care in hospitals, bring higher quality medical services for the majority of patients in Chongqing and southwest China and facilitate the smooth progress of comprehensive medical reform.

Establish industry model, and continuously improve the level of clinical test

Professor Fu Weiling

Promote laboratory automation upgrades to achieve higher testing quality and efficiency
Mr. Chen Jintian, Director of the China Professional Diagnostics Department of Roche Diagnostics