Nature Biotechnology Announced a list of the top 20 scientific transformers of the Year, including Xia Ningshao, Lu Yuming and many other Chinese scholars

  • 2017-12-12

Today, the famous journal Nature Biotechnology announced the list of Top 20 Translational Researchers of 2016 and several Chinese researchers are included in the list. What is worth mentioning, Prof. Xia Ningshao and Prof. LO Yuk Ming Dennis are also the winners of WuXi AppTec Life Science and Chemistry Award issued today.

This list summarized the US patents of researchers granted in 2016 and reviewed their patents most-cited and H indexes in the last five years. Prof. Robert Langer, Prof. James Wilson, Prof. Carl June and other famous scientists are included. In case of patents most-cited, nucleic acid therapy and drug delivery are fields of area of greatest interest.

Prof. Zhang Feng, Broad Institute/Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2016 US patent number: 17; patent most-cited: US 8771945 - CRISPR-Cas systems and methods for altering expression of gene products (47 times); H Index: 63

Prof. Xia Ningshao, Xiamen University. 2016 US patent number: 13; patent most-cited: US 8603467 - Monoclonal antibodies binding to avian influenza virus subtype H5 haemagglutinin and uses thereof (5 times); H Index: 35

Prof. Li Shaowei, Xiamen University. 2016 US patent number: 12; patent most-cited: N/A; H Index: 17

Prof. LO Yuk Ming Dennis, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 2016 US patent number: 10; patent most-cited: US 8467976 - Fetal genomic analysis from a maternal biological sample (15 times); H Index: 77

Prof. Jian Yan, University of Pennsylvania. 2016 US patent number: 9; patent most-cited: US 8133723 - Vaccines against multiple subtypes of influenza virus (twice); H Index: 25

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