P4 China 2017 deep Focused on the Application Value of Tumor Markers

  • 2017-12-11

P4 China 2nd International Precision Medicine Convention completed recently (at the Academic Hall of KingMed Diagnostics Company headquarters, Guangzhou International Bio Island and Guangzhou Chateau Star River Hotel from November 30 to December 2) focused on “digging the application value of biomarkers and big data in clinical tumors and attracted over 800 counterparts to attend the Convention. The Conference invited 66 domestic and international known experts and scientists in precision medicine field who provided their insights and suggestions on the first-line hot issues in precision medicine, including molecular diagnosis, genomics, liquid biopsy, companion diagnostics and technical research of medical big data. 

The speakers not only include famous academicians in international precision medicine field from Institute of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also first-line clinical experts from Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center and other national advanced practice hospitals, expert scholars from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sichuan University State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy and other scientific authorities, senior scientists from domestic and international leading enterprises engaged in tumor drug development like Novartis and Hutchison Whampoa and senior executives of technical innovation enterprises in precision molecular detection and analysis field like KingMed, BGI and Singlera. The Conference also attracted nearly 30 domestic and international excellent enterprises in precision medicine field to display their latest technologies and achievements.

Highlights & Keynote Speech Collection

(Group photo of some keynote speakers, from left to right: Ma Shuheng, Liang Yaoming, Zhao Jun, Yaokaitai, Zhao Guoping, Elizabeth Mansfield, Yu Shihui, and Zhang Hongxiang)

Yao Kaitai, CAS academician and famous tumor pathologist, topic: application of artificial intelligence in pathology

Zhao Guoping, CAS academician and molecular microbiologist, topic: from genomics and translational medicine to precision medicine

Lynda Chin, Institute of Medicine academician, vice president and Chief Innovation Officer of University of Texas, topic: establishing global precision medicine ecosystem

Lin Dongxin, CAE academician, expert in cancer genetics and genomics, topic: genomics and precision medicine of esophagus cancer

Yu Jinming, CAE academician, president of Shandong Cancer Hospital, topic: precision oncology and immunotherapy

Opening Ceremony of CSBT Precision Medicine and Companion Diagnostics Committee (Group photo of some speakers present in tumor drug clinical research forum, from left to right: Yang Hongjun, Cheng Yongqing, Zhang Yafei, Ma Shuheng, Dong Zengjun, Wang Yonghui and Peng Siying)  

(Group photo of some speakers, from left to right: Zhang Yafei, Yang Hongjun, Li Shengfeng, Chang Hua, Liu Changdong, and Ning Zhiqiang)

(On-site interaction)

Moments in Satellite Meetings and Exhibition Area

P4 China 2nd International Precision Medicine Convention in 2017 was organized by the Chinese Society of Biotechnology and the BMAP, co-organized by the KingMed and supported by Guangzhou International Bio Island, Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), Guangzhou Bio Industrial Appliance, Chinese Association of Companion Diagnostics, Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association - USA, Beijing 4P Health Institute and other famous institutions.