CAMDI Attended the 20th Annual Meeting of China Health Economic Association

  • 2017-12-12

20th Annual Meeting of China Health Economics Association themed at “improving hierarchical medical system and promoting healthy china construction” was held in Beijing on December 8.

The Meeting carefully studied the spirits of 19th CPC National Congress and the important indication of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the hygiene and health cause in new era. Motivated by reform and innovation, the Meeting also actively explored the reforms and measures to develop medical and health undertakings in new era and discussed how to improve hierarchical medical system of national hospitals and promote healthy china construction. Over 2,000 experts, scholars, industrial representatives all over the country attended the Meeting.

Zhang Zhenzhong, deputy chairman and secretary general of China Health Economics Association, on behalf of the CHEA, reported the work progress in 2017 and work focuses in 2018 and proposed the overall work instructions of the CHEA in 2018. Rao Keqin, the chairman of the CHEA, Li Ling, Ge Yanfeng and Wu Ming, the deputy chairmen of the CHEA made presentations themed at “healthy china strategy and hierarchical medical system construction”, “basic theories, historical reviews and international experiences of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment”, “hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and medical service systems construction” and “hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and medical insurance system reform”. Lei Haichao, the director of Beijing Municipal National Health and Family Planning Commission and deputy chairman of the CHEA, and Xu Su, the former deputy inspector of Shanghai National Health and Family Planning Commission, communicated the systems, mechanisms, reform paths and measures of hierarchical medical system construction in two cities. Gao Qiang, the general counsel of the CHEA, made a keynote speech in terms of the new era, new conceptions, new healthcare reform and new policies On a macro level, centered on the study and implementation of the spirits of 19th CPC National Congress.

The Meeting set five parallel sessions and made communications and experience sharing on the theory and practice of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, integrated reform of public hospitals, medical insurance system reform, supporting system of health care reform and development and the theory and practice of health economy.

The representatives of CAMDI attended the Meeting.