"People's Daily” published exclusive interview with Minister Miao Wei: installing Innovation engine for Building a Powerful Country

  • 2017-11-24

The report of the 19th NPC pointed out that innovation is the first impetus of development and a strategic support for building a modern economic system. Centering on the construction of an innovative country, the 19th National Congress has put forward a systematic deployment. It not only stresses the primacy of the concept of Innovative development once more, and clearly defines the construction of “Five powers”, power of science and technology, power of quality, space power, cyber power, and power of traffic, and the specific goals of creating digital China, smart society as an innovative country, but also emphasizes six aspects of mission deployment. More emphasis is laid on basic research, strategic support, strategic science and technology forces, the transformation of business entities and achievements, the construction of an innovative environment and the building of qualified personnel.

How to implement innovation-driven development strategy with greater efforts and build a powerful nation with innovation driving force? The staff writer had an exclusive interview with Miao Wei, the party secretary and minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Manufacturing: Main Battlefield of Technological Innovation

Reporter: The report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that innovation is the first impetus to lead development and a strategic support for building a modern economic system. How to understand this important assertion? What specific requirements has it put forward in building a powerful nation?

Miao Wei: Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy, the main battlefield of technological innovation, and an important area of supply-side structural reform. The new industrial revolution has an historical intersection with our country's strategy of making a powerful nation. We must grasp the trend and time of the change and do a good job of integrating informatization and industrialization so as to seize the commanding height in the new round of industrial competition.

Six Measures to Promote Industrialization of Innovation

Reporter: How to increase support to get rid of the barriers when apply technology innovation to practice? How can technology seamlessly connect with the industry to realize deep industry-university-research integration?

Miao Wei: With the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has actively promoted scientific and technological innovation in the field of manufacturing and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements by establishing a manufacturing innovation center, building pilot demonstrations, enforcing industrial technology foundation, implementing major special projects, promoting the integration of militaries and civilians, and strengthening the cooperation among industries, universities and research institutes. The construction of an innovation system has been promoted in an all-round way and the industrialization capacity has been significantly enhanced. First, build a manufacturing innovation center and create a closely integrated co-innovation carrier of industry-university-research-application collaboration. Second, carry out pilot demonstration to promote the application of new industrial technologies. Third, reinforce the industrial technology foundation, support and serve the engineering of technical innovation achievements. Fourth, implement major projects to promote the combination of technical and industrial development. Fifth, promote the integration and transformation of military and civilian technologies and serve the national integration strategy of military and civilian integration. Sixth, strengthen collaborations among industries, universities and research institutes and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces.

Enhance SMEs’ Sense of Gain from Innovation Policies

Reporter: The report of 19th National Congress emphasized "strengthening support for innovation in SMEs and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements”. What are the difficulties in SMEs innovation?

Miao Wei: The SME innovation includes the innovation of technology, products, management mode, business model and other aspects.

Reporter: How to place financial support and policy support for SME innovation?

Miao Wei: To promote policy implementation and release the effectiveness of policies as soon as possible so that the majority of SMEs could have a greater sense of gain from the policy. First, do a good job in promoting the implementation of the Promotion Law of SMEs. Second, give full play to the coordination mechanism of the State Council Leading Group for Promoting the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises. Third, establish an online service platform for SME policies. Fourth, we will continue to optimize the use efficiency of special funds for the development of SMEs. Fifth, give full play to the role of the national fund for the development of SMEs. Sixth, promote entrepreneurial innovation of SMEs.