Medical Devices Made in China have made Breakthroughs in Multiple Fields

  • 2017-08-28
The National Health and Family Planning Commission made a presentation on the development of the current health industry in China in the materials of the media briefing held on August 14, in which medical devices, especially the breakthroughs that medical devices made in China had made in multiple fields, were mentioned. The specifics are as follows:
According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to April, 2017, the medical devices, instruments and apparatus manufacturing industry increased by 11.6% year on year, which is 5.1% higher than industries above designated size.
In the imaging field, Chinese enterprises basically have the research and development ability for the whole series product line. Among high-end products such as CT scanner, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer and color Doppler ultrasound, medical devices made in China already have a large share.
In the field of monitor and anesthesia machine, products of Shenzhen Mindray take up respectively 12% and 7.3% of the global sales. Both rank third worldwide.
In the field of high-value consumable, in 2016, coronary stents of Shanghai MicroPort took up 28% of the total market sales in China, and are exported to various countries in Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.
In the field of automatic surgical device, Beijing Tinavi has already developed and manufactured the 3rd generation orthopedic surgical robot, successfully catching up with and soon leading the industry in the technology of highly difficult orthopedic surgery automatic navigation.
In 2016, China exported medical equipment to a total of 224 countries and regions, and the coverage got bigger year by year, and the quantity of the exports increased by 2.64% on a year-on-year basis.
Meanwhile, five independently set categories of medical institutions are added to Details of Medical Institutions Management Ordinance, namely medical test laboratory, pathological diagnosis center, medical imaging diagnosis center, hemodialysis center and hospice care center, encouraging social forces to invest in chain medical institutions.
So far, there are 342 regional medical imaging centers, 689 regional medical test laboratories, 185 regional pathological diagnosis centers, 147 hemodialysis centers and 13 hospice care centers nationwide, most of which are invested by social forces.