Finally! Global Customs’ Preferential Treatment Available for Medical Devices Manufacturers Soon

  • 2017-03-20

Recently, Shanghai International Medical Zone Group, Nanhui Office of Shanghai Customs District and Zhangjiang Platform Economics Research Institute discussed together to establish an institutionalized, normalized and long-term strategic cooperation mechanism and build a whole-chain bonded supervision platform in the Shanghai International Medical Zone.

Three parties building a whole-chain bonded supervision platform

According to the cooperation, the Nanhui Office will give active support to the R&D centers, regional headquarters, operation centers, bio-pharmaceutical enterprises and Shanghai brand export enterprises. The Office will train these enterprises first and publicize various convenient customs clearance measures to cultivate more medical enterprises as the mutually recognized AEO enterprises by the Customs and include the enterprises above general certification level in the zone into the pilot of business reform of the Customs first. Besides, the Office will provide more convenient and efficient service for enterprises with high credit. Both parties will collaborate with each other to facilitate the clearance of critical enterprises and projects in accordance with relevant regulations.

As a global corporate supply chain safety management system of World Customs Organization (WCO), the AEO is always known for the preferential treatment offered by global customs. According to the international practice, AEO certification includes advanced and general certifications. The general certificated enterprises enjoy lower import and export goods inspection rate, simplified Import and export goods document verification and priority for Import and export goods customs clearance. In addition to the above rights, the advanced certificated enterprises enjoy the preferential measures and customs clearance convenience of mutually recognized countries and local customs.

Build Multi-win Trade Ecology

According to one insider, the support of the Nanhui Office to help the Zone to build whole-chain bonded supervision platform, on the micro level, will help more enterprises in the Zone acquire the ACO certification. In this way, these enterprises will enjoy lower customs inspection rate, shorter clearance time and less examination fees while improving their supply chain management, upgrading corporate brand value and assets premium and strengthening international trade competitive power.

On the macro level, on one hand, it speedily increases the status and role of the Shanghai International Medical Zone in the construction of World Trade Center and Science Innovation Center of Shanghai and accelerates the social and economic development, export and import trade and commercial circulation of the Zone; on the other hand, it establishes a more convenient, efficient and safe port environment for the implementation of strategic layout of the World Trade Center.