CAMDI Visit Taiwan: Promote Clinical Application Policy Reform of Hi-Tech Products

  • 2016-08-25

As intended to promote long-term development of the industry and deepen current medical reform, China Association for Medical Devices Industry is planning to visit Taiwan for investigation and further study. This visit is intended to have a good knowledge of Taiwanese systematic framework of medical service and learn its management experiences, especially its policies related to industrial approval for application of new technologies.

In recent years, Chinese medical reform has entered a period of deepening reform. There were many modes of innovation in different areas, but all of these modes were locally based without typical features. In this visit, with the purpose of finding a rational and suitable overall health system framework, we will compare the framework of medical service systems and prepare a feasibility analysis report, expecting to solve all contradictions between the medical technology progress and medical service system development and achieve a balanced development.

After the visit, the Association will organize key member enterprises, industrial experts and scholars as soon as possible to discuss and draw a conclusion.